Thursday, November 17, 2011

Updates 11/17/11

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-- Occupy Wall Street is busy today. Today is the "Day of Action," and reports have come in of over 75 arrests already today. Police barricaded off Wall Street, and only allowed people who could rove they worked there through. Occupiers planned to shut down the NYSE. They are now taking to the streets, possibly working on occupying subway stations.

-- Another "media blackout" is occurring on Wall Street today as well. Multiple press members are tweeting about being bullied, shoved, hit with batons, and forced to leave. Reports of press being arrested are pouring in, as well as tweets from journalists who are watching their peers being detained. An RT reporter and two Daily Caller journalists have been assaulted with batons, although all three report their press badges are completely visible. The press is saying no distinction is being made between them and protesters.

-- Occupy Tampa had three more arrests yesterday for trespassing in a public park. One of them had been previously arrested for the same offense.

-- The city of Eugene says it is looking into multiple complaints about the Occupy Eugene encampment. The city says that while the Council voted to exempt the movement from its no-camping policy, it did not exempt them from following city codes.

-- The city of Colton has taken "preventative measures" against any future Occupy movements. Only 15 miles from Riverside, the city officials say they are concerned about the possibility of a camp striking up, so they passed a law making it a misdemeanor to camp on public property. Occupiers in the area had said they had no plans to protest in Colton, but the city's actions have made it a possible future target.

-- Occupy Youngstown has filed for a temporary restraining order against the city for violating their First Amendment rights.

-- Occupy Philly received notice yesterday that they must move their encampment. Occupiers are reevaluating their decision to stay, after they spoke with labor groups who support the movement. The labor groups say that while they support the Occupiers, they also support moving so that construction can begin, in order to create jobs.

-- Occupy Indianapolis has been given an eviction notice for this evening. The group has been having issues with splintering, and some do not agree with the decision to stay on the Statehouse lawn.

-- Occupy Pensacola has had their electricity shut off. The city says protesters are violating the law by refusing to seek a permit.

-- Occupy Portland has marched to shut down banks, and had discussed possibly pushing their way onto the Steel Bridge's vehicle area, although they did walk peacefully across the footpath.

-- Occupy France is rebuilding in Paris, after police "cleaned up" their area. Occupiers, known in France as Les Indignes, are saying that police used violent tactics to remove them.

-- Occupy Cal at Berkeley was raided last night, resulting in two arrests. Police tore down tents and art.

-- Occupy Atlanta has returned to Freedom Park, and had plans to take the Courtland Bridge.

-- The Mayor of Seattle has issued an apology to the 84 year old woman who was pepper sprayed earlier this week.

-- Occupy Dallas had over a dozen arrests this morning as police evicted Occupiers from their protest area near City Hall.

-- Occupiers in Las Vegas are expecting to be arrested for their protest. 18 of them are sitting in the middle of Las Vegas Boulevard in solidarity with OWS.

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