Sunday, November 20, 2011

Updates 11/20/11

Good morning everyone!

Also, this video has been circulating on Facebook. If you haven't seen it, you need to. Watch all the way to the end for anger, then inspiration.

(My apologies if it has been taking longer to get the news to you. My computer has been going into sleep mode while I am using it, every two or three minutes, and nothing has fixed the problem. It's not over-heating. All sleep settings are turned off. It just likes to go black and log me off. Hey computer people, any ideas?)

Now on to the news.

-- 2 Occupiers were arrested in Minneapolis. They were occupying a foreclosed home that once belonged to a University of Minnesota Anthropology Lecturer. The Lecturer went on livestream to thank the protesters for defending her home.

-- Most of Occupy Victoria has left, but about a dozen protesters say they won't leave regardless of the pressure put on them by the city.

-- The second video above, from UC Davis, has sparked controversy. An investigation is now underway, but the Chancellor is refusing to resign.

-- Occupy Oakland has a new home, but the question is, for how long? Occupiers marched to a vacant lot and park, took down a chain link fence, and set up tents. The police did not move in to stop them. The park is directly across from an upscale housing development.

-- 48 Occupiers were arrested in Albany last night as they violated park curfew.

-- Occupy SF had 6 arrests early this morning. Protesters were charged with interfering with police, and had tents and belongings removed.

-- Occupy DC had 11 arrests last night for occupying a vacant public school building. The building served as a homeless shelter for some time before being shut down. Protesters hung a banner on the side of the building that said "Public Property under Community Control" before police moved in.

-- Occupy London has some visitors. Lots of visitors. Occupiers from more than 10 other groups throughout the UK met up with London yesterday, as they opened the bank site they are occupying as a discussion forum. Occupy UK is together to shape a national campaign.

That's all I have time for today, everyone. I'm speaking today at a gathering of people, to let them know how they can occupy from home.

I do have a small rant though. I couldn't find much news in the mainstream media today. And I don't mean I couldn't find any articles, I mean I couldn't find news. When you search news websites, or google news, or yahoo news, you expect to find news. You know what's actually out there? Opinion pieces. Blogs. People who don't know anything but the office they sit in, and they are writing about "Why the 99% isn't really a good number." Excuse me? Who the hell are you? You know absolutely jack shit about anything that's going on. You don't watch the live videos. You don't visit the sites. I'm totally serious. I'll even show you some of the titles of this ignorant pieces.

"Elements of Style as Occupy Movement Evolves" (What are we, fashionistas?)

"Occupy Wall Street: So What?" (That's creative.)

"Who are these Occupy people and is their beef legit?" (This is from the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.)

"Ryan Gosling Fans Occupy People Magazine" (You've got to be fucking kidding me.)

"Occupy the Hood organizers check out a book together" (I don't even...)

So anyway, that's what I deal with every day. Hunting through that massive amount of crap up there in a desperate bid to NOT give idiotic news. :)

Well... I hope everyone is still having a fantastic weekend, and I will see you all tomorrow morning.


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