Friday, November 11, 2011

Updates 11/11/11

Hi everyone.

I had some last-minute problems crop up, and due to that I had to postpone my Chicago trip. I'm quite sad about it, but I know I need to be healthy before I go. So I'm still down here in Carbondale. I'm considering making the (much-shorter) drive to St. Louis or Nashville instead.

So here's your news for today!

-- Occupy movements across the country are honoring our veterans today. OWS is holding a concert, while other numerous movements are marching.

-- Sad news is coming out of Occupy Burlington. A 35 year old military veteran committed suicide inside a tent there yesterday. Distraught protesters were moved from the camp while an investigation continued, and emotions ran high. Occupiers are saying that the veteran was not receiving adequate mental health care, which is supposed to be provided for veterans.

-- Occupy Oakland has sad news as well. A man was shot and killed outside of a restaurant that Occupiers frequent. Although the shooting was not connected to the camp, medics from Occupy Oakland were the first on scene. Tensions are running high.

-- Occupy Delaware won a temporary court order preventing police from stopping them from using the plaza. Police were apparently citing "Patriot Act" concerns to stop Occupiers from using sleeping bags.

-- Occupy Richmond has an interesting offer on the table. A newspaper editor who lives next door to the mayor has offered his land as an Occupy spot. He said if they can't camp on the mayor's lawn, they can use his instead. He has apparently offered to provide food and water.

-- Occupy Rochester has signed an agreement with the city, allowing 24/7 occupation. While there were several arrests in the past, the mayor cites the protesters peaceful behavior in drawing up the agreement.

-- Occupy Youngstown is defying eviction notices, and have at least 13 people ready to be arrested if they must.

-- Occupy Atlanta has some odd news circulating. According to Fox News, and several blogging news sites, Atlanta Occupiers have tested positive for drug-resistant tuberculosis. Occupy Atlanta and the Atlanta Journal Constitution are disputing these claims.

-- Occupy Portland is attempting to respond to their eviction notice. Some protesters want to stay, while others are suggesting a move to a different park.

-- Walmart employees are teaming up with Occupy Wall Street protesters to protest the opening of Alice Walker's multi-million dollar museum in Arkansas.

-- Occupy Detroit's permit is set to expire Monday night. The camp is remaining calm while they hope for an extension.

-- Occupy Fresno has dealt with five straight nights of arrests. Police have vowed to continue to make arrests every night, and demonstrators have vowed to remain.

-- Occupy Harvard has 23 tents up, and the university has raised security. Access to Harvard Yard has been closed off, and will remain so to non-students.

-- Occupy Cal protesters have voted for a general strike on Tuesday.

-- A judge in Cincinnati is questioning the police over protesters' arrests. He says breaking park board made rules may not qualify as a misdemeanor, as the city charter does not acknowledge the rules.

-- The Governor of Tennessee will ask the DA to drop all trespassing charges against protesters, according to the Tennessean.

-- Michele Bachmann got a little flustered when her speech was interrupted yesterday in South Carolina. Occupy Charleston used mic check to give their own speech, and while Bachmann walked away, her supporters began to heckle and yell at the protesters.

That's your news for today everyone. I hope everyone has a wonderful Veteran's Day, and I would like to thank any veterans who may be reading this. You are amazing people.


As always, for any comments, corrections, or information, please email me at I am working on getting a webcam, and may soon be broadcasting news live to you!

**Edit: I forgot St. Louis! St. Louis has been issued an eviction notice for today, after their Veteran's Day march.

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