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Updates 11/16/11

Good morning everyone.

It's been quite a busy few days, hasn't it? Anything that you see (like this) is my personal opinion.

Here's the news for this morning.

-- Occupy Wall Street has regrouped at Zucotti Park, despite a judge's order saying they can no longer have structures, sleeping bags, or even the ability to lie down. This comes after Mayor Bloomberg ignored a first judge's order to allow them back into the park, and took it to a different judge who agreed with him. They are working on what they will do next.

-- In the meantime, Anonymous is unhappy with the New York judge's decision. They have released a video calling for the judge to overturn his decision.

-- Also, The Society of Professional Journalists is condemning what they called a "media blackout" during the raid. Reporters were losing press badge to police, being shoved and threatened, and even media helicopters were forced to land. Bloomberg is saying the forcibly moving press to a "press pen" was for their protection.

-- Occupy Richmond is now camping out next door to the mayor's house, on private property offered to them. The other neighbors seem to be unhappy about this, but the Police Chief has said it appears that everyone is in compliance with the law. He also said they are still looking over zoning concerns, to make sure everyone is following them.

-- Occupy Toronto was given a stay of eviction by the courts, but only as long as no new protesters arrive, and no new structures are erected. On Friday, another hearing will be held so both sides can give arguments over the park.

-- Occupy Tuscon will have to keep paying its fines, says the City Council. The movement had asked for a suspension of citations, but the Council disagreed, saying they need to obey the laws like everyone else. One Council member proposed a free speech zone, in order to reduce citations, but it was shot down by other members.

-- The man that many of you saw being arrested live in Oakland as he meditated is now up for deportation. He is currently being held without bail as Immigration looks over his case.

-- (Writer's find) Want to read something that will irritate the s*** out of anyone? Look here to see Occupy Orlando being removed from a Tea Party event. You can even read the commentary if you want to be further annoyed.

-- A shooting that happened at University of California Berkeley has not been linked to the Occupy Cal movement. (But not for lack of trying.) Occupy Cal voted last night to set up tents again, and Oakland protesters marched the five miles to their setup while chanting "Here comes Oakland!"

-- Occupy Albany faced more arrests last night, and a clash with the Republican county Chairman. The Chairman is trying to convince the Governor to appoint a special prosecutor, since the District Attorney refuses to prosecute peaceful protesters.

-- Occupy Seattle's altercation with the police sounds like it should be a joke. A priest, an 84 year old woman, and a pregnant woman were all hit with pepper spray while marching. Police said pepper spray "is not age specific." They said it is "No more dangerous to someone who is 10 or someone who is 80."

-- San Diego was raided earlier this morning, resulting in more arrests. Police in riot gear told protesters that while it is legal for them to peacefully demonstrate, it is illegal for them to keep their personal property on public land. (Differential enforcement is ILLEGAL!)

-- Part of Occupy San Francisco was raided last night, with about 15 tents being removed and 7 arrests for unlawful camping.

-- Occupy Dallas was denied a restraining order in court yesterday. Protesters who left the courtroom dropped their signs as they went, leaving the city with the items they claimed were violations of their agreement.

-- The City of London Corporation (COLC) has given Occupy LSX an eviction notice. They have given Occupiers 24 hours to vacate. Protesters who are on land owned by St. Paul's will not be evicted, as the Church is not taking any legal actions.

-- Occupy Detroit has won a one week extension on their permit, in order to clean up and move to their new location.

-- Occupy Baltimore visited John Hopkins University yesterday. They were forcibly removed by security after interrupting a speech by Karl Rove.

-- Occupy Nashville's restraining order expires next week, and some protesters are saying it won't be long before police move back in.

-- Occupy Cincinnati had 15 arrests last night, after refusing to leave a park beyond closing time. Protesters were charged with criminal trespassing, and some were also charged with resisting arrest. Workers at the jail said it will likely be Thursday before they even see a judge. Rev. Jesse Jackson had just visited the Occupiers earlier that evening.

-- A judge has ruled that they will not give Occupy St. Louis a restraining order. Occupiers were told they would have to move to the sidewalk during the hours that Kiener Plaza is closed.

That's all the news for today, but here's a little something special:

(These may be a little shocking)

First, they ignore you.

Then, they laugh at you.

Then, they fight you.

Then, you win.


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