Monday, November 21, 2011

Updates 11/21/11

Good morning everyone.

I hope your weekend went well.

Here's your news for today.

-- Occupy Midwest has alerted me that they have a great new idea/website. Check out for more info about this occupation on wheels. They also ask that you check out for info on direct action against the presidential caucus. (Thank you Occupy KC.)

-- A Supreme Court Justice has ruled that Occupy Toronto's eviction notice will stand. The protesters are awaiting eviction this morning,, and have called on supporters to join in solidarity.

-- The UC Davis police officers involved in the pepper-spraying of students have been placed on leave, as has the police chief. The President of the University of California system has called a meeting of all ten of the Chancellors, in order to discuss "how to ensure proportional law enforcement response to non-violent protest."

-- Occupy Edmonton had an eviction notice for 11pm last night, yet no one had bothered them at that time. Protesters say they are waiting, and will stay where they are when police do arrive.

-- A man from Youngstown, OH, was arrested for driving around Zucotti Park with an unregistered gun. Mainstream media is reporting him as an Occupier.

-- Around a hundred Occupiers protested near Mayor Bloomberg's home in NYC yesterday. They were blockaded by police to prevent them from getting too close, but a man wearing sunglasses and beating a drum somehow made it in front of his home. He was shooed away without an arrest.

-- For the first time since their movement began, Occupy Oakland is without an encampment. Police cleared their Snow Park setup yesterday, leaving protesters to meet and figure out what to do next.

-- Occupy SF got fed up with police saying they couldn't have tents in front of the Federal Reserve Bank in protest, so they moved to the streets. At least 50 Occupiers set up tents in the middle of Market Street. Police immediately closed off surrounding streets, but didn't bother the protesters for a while.

-- Occupy Fort Myers had an unusual arrest. A protester, angry at police for arresting a woman who had resisted moving from the park, posted a bomb threat on his Facebook page. He said "I'm bombing the FMPD, F*** them." Occupiers say they don't condone the post, and that the man had done the wrong thing.

-- Occupy London has renamed the bank they are Occupying the "Bank of Ideas."

-- Occupy Vancouver has been given until 2pm today to get out of the park. They are trying to determine where they will be going.

That's all I have time for today, everyone. Short news, I know.


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