Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Updates 11/22/11

Good morning everyone.

Here is your news for today.

--Occupy Toronto is still waiting for eviction. The ruling yesterday essentially allowed police to remove them, yet so far no one has moved in on them.

-- The same cannot be said for Occupy Calgary. Police moved in last night and tore down tents while giving citations to those who remained in the park. Protesters say they were given no warning.

-- Occupy Rochester is attempting to save a school from closure. Parents and students pleaded with the school board at last week's meeting, but the board says that the school is "one of the lowest performing" and that it would save money to close it.

-- Occupy Vancouver have moved in light of being evicted by the city. They have picked up their tents and moved a block away, to the provincial courthouse, where the city has no power.

-- Occupy Oakland is working to help foreclosed home owners by occupying their lawns. The group received a tweet from a desperate homeowner, that Chase Bank is getting ready to foreclose.

-- City officials have offered Occupy Philly a permit, but only if they follow strict rules. The rules include ending daily protests by 7pm, having no one remain in the park after that time, and having absolutely no tents or structures, except for a canopy to protect computer equipment. The permit would last a month.

-- Two protesters from Occupy Austin are filing a lawsuit against the city. The lawsuit claims that the people's First Amendment rights are being violated by the city via citation. If a protester is issued a citation for criminal trespass, it bans the person receiving it from entering City Hall for up to two years. (That doesn't even make any sense.)

-- Occupy Houston was terrorized yesterday, but not by police. A lone gunman wearing a suit walked into the encampment, firing into the air and into a pond. Occupiers initially thought it was a joke, but police were on the scene in seconds. After the man refused to lay down his weapon, they shot him. He is hospitalized, but his injuries are not life-threatening. No one else was injured. Police believe the man may have a history of mental illness.

-- Representative John Walsh (Tea Party) called the Occupy movement "anti-American" at a town hall meeting this past weekend. When asked if veterans who joined the movement were anti-American as well, he said yes. He believes Occupy is funded by the left-wing agenda, and that the movement is socialist propaganda. He has never visited an encampment.

-- Occupy Springfield (Mass.) had 15 arrests yesterday, for protesting inside a Bank of America office. As they were being arrested, 250 protesters outside chanted.

-- Media organizations across the country are outraged at the treatment of journalists in New York City, and are writing in to say so. At least 15 major media organizations have signed a letter calling for a meeting with the Mayor and Police to address issues and prevent further deterioration of police-press relations.

Sad news closes today's post.

-- The 19 year old pregnant woman who was kicked and pepper-sprayed in Seattle has miscarried. Initially, ultrasound scans showed that the baby was okay, but 5 days later the woman began feeling sick, and says she was told by doctors she was miscarrying, likely due to being kicked in the stomach. The doctors also reportedly told her the pepper spray likely had an effect on the fetus as well.

Thank you all for reading this. I am out of time for today, but it is inspiring to see people who want to know more about what is going on in the world.


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