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Updates 11/19/11

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I'd like to thank Nancy for emailing me yesterday. I greatly appreciate what you said and did. You rock! :)

Mainstream media is oddly hush-hush today.

Here's the news for today:

-- The mayor of New York City is greatly downplaying the events of November 17th. Mayor Bloomberg is saying the it was mostly the unions that performed the marches, not OWS, and that only minor disruptions were caused to the city. The former Mayor of NYC, Rudy Giuliani, had a radio interview in which he told Sean Hannity that he would have kicked out the protesters on day one. Giuliani has been seen openly mocking protesters, calling them "leftover hippies" who did "too many drugs when they were 20 years old."

-- Speculation that the federal government has been involved in the protests arrests has been rebuffed by both Homeland Security and the FBI. While protesters agree that they have not seen any obvious members of the FBI, they are skeptical of Homeland Security, after multiple reports of people seeing HS cars and officials wandering nearby.

-- 8 Occupiers were arrested last night in Phoenix, in an intentional "sleep-in." Phoenix has a law against "urban camping," meant to be a law against homeless people. Several protesters have been arrested in the past for accidentally falling asleep, or for closing their eyes too long. This was the first time Occupiers intentionally violated the ordinance.

-- 14 people were arrested yesterday at a Wells Fargo Bank. Occupy Philly marched on the bank, with some protesters sitting in the lobby and linking arms.

-- Portland has released a list of the protesters that were arrested on Thursday. Mainstream media is buzzing about this. Only one of them was under age 35. Five more were in their fifties, while seven were in their sixties. A Spokesperson for the protesters is saying that there was no warning that pepper spray would be used against them, and that several protesters were stepped on by police horses.

-- Occupy Oakland is planning to move to a new park, but is having difficulty choosing a location. The Mayor, Jean Quan, has released a statement saying that she and the police are aware of the plan, and that they have "a strategy in place to prevent the establishment of any new encampments."

-- Occupy Harvard took a stand yesterday. Republican Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich had an appearance at Harvard University, but he didn't even get started before Occupiers stood up. They mocked him by thanking him for standing up for corporations. The protesters were escorted out, but there were no arrests.

(Writer's Musing) I kept wondering why it is that I have to search for Occupy items on Twitter. With thousands upon thousands posting about it, why isn't it a trending topic yet? In my hunt for answers, I found an article by RT. It's here, if you are interested. (Back to the news)

-- Occupy Seattle marched on police headquarters yesterday, led by the 84 year old woman who was pepper sprayed earlier this week. Protesters say they plan on filing complaints about police misconduct.

-- After being declared a health nuisance by the city earlier in the week, Occupy SF has surprised the mayor by performing a massive cleanup.

-- 2 more Occupiers were arrested in Fresno this morning for refusing to leave the park after closing time..

-- Occupy Fort Myers is dealing with a bit of bureaucratic nonsense. City Officials told the group they would be allowed to stay at the Courthouse until 8am Monday, but later the Sheriff's Office came in to evict them. As they tried to figure out what was going on, the Sheriff stated protesters "weren't given til 8am Monday morning by the Sheriff's office." (Ugh, really?)

-- Occupy Chicago has passed a proposal called "Occupy Chicago Spring," which details a winter plan and beyond for the movement. You can read a news article about it here:

-- Occupy Vancouver has been ordered to disperse by Monday by the city. The Justice also agreed to the city's request for an order of enforcement by police, should protesters not leave by the time limit's ending.

-- Occupy Victoria has also been given Monday as a deadline to leave, with the same implications as Vancouver.

-- How about some happy news? Renowned New York Chef Eric Smith is preparing a huge traditional Thanksgiving dinner for Occupy Wall Street. He is making enough food to feed around 1000 Occupiers, to give them an inspirational boost and give people a chance to rejoice.

That's all I have for today! I look forward to hearing from you, and hope everyone has a great weekend.


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