Sunday, November 6, 2011

Updates 11/6/11

Good morning everyone.

I hope you set your clocks back!

Here are your recent updates:

-- Occupy Atlanta had 19 arrests last night after protesters refused to leave Woodruff Park. One Occupier was arrested for assaulting a police officer (aggravated assault and obstruction), but witnesses say that the officer was a motorcycle cop who actually accelerated into the protester.

-- The mayor of Vancouver is saying that all tents at Occupy Vancouver must be cleared, as a woman was found dead onsite. The mayor claims this is a sign of how unsafe the tent city has become, and wants police and fire officials to remove it as soon as possible. The 20 year old woman is believed to have died from a drug overdose, but it is not entirely clear.

-- Authorities will not be charging the driver of the car in DC who hit 3 people. Conflicting reports abound. A young man says he has video which shows that as the car stopped, a woman jumped on the hood. Then as people began to move away, the driver than accelerated and hit the woman who had jumped on the car. A different news story says that it was a family of 3 who got hit, including their 13 year old son. The only thing reports do not differ on is that the driver was not cited, even though he continued to drive away from the incident, and that the 3 people hit were the ones given tickets.

-- Occupy San Diego held a funeral march for banks yesterday.

-- Occupy Portland protesters are tied up in knots- literally. The Occupiers were told they would need to move from the park they have been occupying, so they tied themselves together with ropes and bike locks, connected to a centerpiece of a concrete filled 50 gallon drum. Police are reportedly trying to decide if they will arrest them.

-- Occupy Dallas had 8 arrests yesterday as they protested at Bank of America. Police say that one protester got violent when asked to come down from a planter, and that he is charged with assault on a public servant or risking arrest. An Occupy spokesperson says that an off duty officer working security for the bank actually shoved the protester down, which is what sparked the violence. Another officer apparently tried to pull down a United Steelworkers Union flag from someone's hands and fell, causing a bike officer to fall as well. The city claims 3 officers had minor injuries.

-- Occupy St. Augustine is growing quickly. Their march yesterday included over 400 protesters. They had put out a call asking for the "face of St. Augustine" and the oldest city in the nation seemed happy to oblige. One of the protesters was a veteran, and when asked why he was protesting, pointed out that his oath to serve was to "protect the United States Constitution and the American people from all enemies, both foreign and domestic."

-- Occupy London got a boost yesterday during their march to Westminster. 500 people joined the 200 at St. Paul's, including several protesters straight from Occupy Wall Street, who flew in for the occasion.

-- Some demonstrators at Occupy Cincinnati are working on forming their own political party.

-- Occupy Boise has begun their official encampment at the historic Ada County Courthouse. More than 30 tents and 75 people are moving in for the long haul.

*Welcome to our new local Occupy movement, Occupy Cape Girardeau!*

There's your recent developments, everyone. I hope everyone has had a fulfilling weekend thus far. Stay safe!


As I have previously mentioned, news sources for international movements are almost non-existent here in the states. If you can possibly supply me with information on your local Occupy, or even just websites that cover international movements, I would be greatly appreciative.

As always, if you have any comments, you can leave them here. For corrections, information, or anything else you would like to say, please email me at with the word "Occupy" in the subject line. I will get back to you!

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