Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Updates 11/23/11

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Here is your news for today.

-- Occupy Toronto was raided this morning. Many protesters left, but some chained themselves around the library tent. Police were seen hauling tents away, but so far the chained protesters have not been bothered.

-- The Occupiers who were walking from New York to DC have reached their destination. They were greeted with cheers near the White House.

-- At a speech in New Hampshire, President Obama was interrupted by protesters, before the crowd drowned them out with screams of "Obama! Obama!" The President then directly addressed the protesters. You can see a video of it here:

-- The newspaper publisher allowing protesters to Occupy his lawn, next door to the Mayor's, in Richmond is paying for it, literally. Police issued him a notice saying he is in violation of zoning codes, and that they must be fixed immediately. If he wants to file an appeal, it will cost him at least $250. The man is angered by police giving the notice to the protesters, because he considers them welcome guests. He said it is like having company over and a bank gives them the foreclosure notice for your home. The city is saying it was complaints from other neighbors that caused the citation, not the Mayor.

-- Occupy Oakland packed up their tents from the foreclosed lot they were occupying. The owner of the lot told protesters she never asked for them to be there, and demanded they leave. This was a surprise to Occupiers, who initially moved to the spot because they were told they owner asked for their help. Police kept a close eye on the lot while the protesters moved to the sidewalk.

-- Occupy Ottawa had at least 8 arrests yesterday during a police eviction. Most of them were ticketed for trespassing and released.

-- Occupy Philly has turned down the city's restrictive permit offer. The city offered them a permit for a new location that banned things like generators, tents, and several other important items. In total, the permit would have had 15 restrictions.

-- The Mayor of San Francisco is trying to convince Occupiers to move to a fenced in, vacant lot. The lot has has several old temporary classrooms, and the Mayor says they would have access to restroom facilities, a classroom for meetings, and a gate, should they want to keep people out.

-- Controversy is brewing around the young woman, Jennifer Fox, who claims she lost her baby as a result of police brutality in Seattle. has released a story saying that the woman told police she was three months pregnant back in September as well. Ms. Fox told reporters that police report must be incorrect, as she had told them she was one month pregnant at the time. (Police never make mistakes... right?)

-- December 19th is the date set for a hearing, concerning the eviction of protesters at St. Paul's Cathedral in London.

-- Occupy Lansing's kitchen is gone. Health inspectors visited the site yesterday, and told them the kitchen must be closed. One protester exclaimed, "We can't even make coffee!" This comes just one day after fire inspectors came in and removed several heaters they said were being improperly used.

There are some interesting stories circulating the mainstream media today. Here are just a few.

-- USA Today is claiming that the Occupy movement has cost taxpayers over 13 million dollars so far, in police overtime and other services. You can read a breakdown of costs and a blatant opinion piece here:

-- According the The New American (which calls itself "the essential news source for freedom-loving Americans"), the Occupy movement consists of "Violent Leftists," "homosexual pornographers... using the Occupy Oakland site to produce their wares" and that a new poll states that 31% of Occupiers support violence. To read this ridiculous article, which included many more gems like the previous, click here:

That's all I have for today! Break started today here at SIU, so I may just go back to bed... or not.

Also, keep an eye on Egypt, folks. Watch Al-Jazeera if you must! Our media is ignoring it, but that doesn't mean you have to!


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