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Updates 11/26/11

Good morning everyone.

I was up late last night examining the wording some of the new bills they are working on in Congress. Meanwhile, half the mainstream media is still gobbling about thanksgiving, and the other half is having a conniption over Black Friday. It's rather funny to think that most of them report the same story over and over again.

Once again, I cannot stress enough the importance that you read this article by Naomi Wolf. It is an extremely important and intelligent piece.

Here's the news for today:

-- Occupy Los Angeles has been given until 12:01 a.m. Monday to vacate or be removed. The mayor reportedly thanked the group because they have "awakened the country's conscience," but also that the grass at City Hall needs to be restored as well. They've cited public health and safety concerns as the reason for the encampment's removal.

-- After Occupy Eugene protested at the mall, and encouraged shoppers to spend time with their families, they moved to a Walmart parking lot. One Occupier was arrested there, and cited for criminal trespass. He was wearing a mask and carrying a bull-horn.

-- Occupy El Paso disrupted shopping at the local mall for a while. Police arrived and told them to vacate the premises, and the group did so without arrests.

-- Occupy Tacoma had a bit of a shouting match with security guards during their Black Friday protest. Dressed as zombies, they handed out fake money with "Keep Shopping. Everything is fine." written on it. The News Tribune says this is quite a departure from Tacoma's "seven weeks of near invisibility."

-- 6 Occupiers were arrested in Raleigh yesterday under charges of disorderly conduct and second-degree trespassing. Police told the Occupiers they could not protest in the mall, but they could on the sidewalks. The six were later arrested for demonstrating in the food court.

-- Occupy Tuscon had two more arrests last night. Police have been taking Occupiers to jail instead of issuing citations, ever since it was ruled that people with more than 3 citations could be thrown in jail for "interfering with judicial process." The Tuscon Citizen currently has a poll asking if people believe the Occupiers are exercising free speech, or if they are just camping. As of now, the poll sits at 69% for free speech.

-- A Boston Protester has been banned from returning to the Occupy Boston group after being arrested twice. The young woman was arrested first for assaulting a police officer, and later for not showing up at court. As she posted bail, the judge barred her from returning to the Occupy site.

-- According to a blog on, Occupy Indianapolis is paying homeless people to Occupy. Apparently the blog author got the story from Fox News. You can read about this here: (I personally see nothing in the statements about paying people, or anything like that at all, but hey, maybe I'm just missing something, or maybe the author is... like a brain.)

-- Occupy Portland was busy yesterday. First they marched for Fur-Free Friday, then demonstrated peacefully in a local mall, while others held the first Occupy Cafe in the basement of a church, offering a buffet of food, drinks, and conversation.

-- Occupy Philly has been given until 5 p.m. Sunday to vacate the plaza that will be renovated. The mayor says he will not "try to predict what's going to happen on Sunday at 5 p.m."

-- Occupy Seattle and Occupy SF protested Black Friday. Occupy Seattle chanted and sang outside a Walmart, while Occupy SF protested downtown. At one point SF Occupiers blocked a street, but they moved before police arrived.

-- 2 members of Occupy Dallas were arrested for "criminal mischief," after they threw fake blood on the windows of a Neiman Marcus store. Apparently the fake blood caused around $3,000 worth of damage to the storefront. (You've got to be kidding me.)

-- Occupy Grand Rapids had a huge hit with "Buy Nothing Day" and their free market. Over 60 people came and participated in crafting and getting free items to give for Christmas, rather than joining in on Black Friday.

-- One Occupier was arrested in Harrisburg when the group, dressed up as zombies, protested at a local mall. The mall cited rules regarding face coverings to get most of the protesters to remove their makeup, but one woman was arrested. The news story did not give a reason for her arrest.

-- Occupiers showed up at Michele Bachmann's book signing yesterday. Each person was searched and given a pat-down before entering the room with her, and protesters were not allowed to bring their signs. Reporters were told they would not be allowed to be in the room when the protesters were.

That's all the news I have for this morning. Thank you for reading.


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