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Updates 11/18/11

Good morning everyone.

It doesn't matter how much I write today, I know I will be missing some important information. So much happened yesterday. Yesterday was the "Day of Action" and people were definitely active to say the least.

First off, we have two emails giving us some great news from two different locations.

-- Occupy Omaha had a great march. Several Occupiers protested at Target, and mic checked while there. Here's a video of the group at Target:

-- Occupy Kansas City (MO) had a large crowd gather on Prospect Bridge and I-70. Police kept their distance, and thousands of people honked to show appreciation to the group. They gathered to show solidarity with the global revolution, and shine light on the failing infrastructure. Here is a news story for this:

Thanks to both of them for keeping us informed!

Now to the rest of the news!

-- Occupy Wall Street had quite a gathering yesterday. At one point, Foley Square had an estimated 10,000 people crowding into it, and with no more room, spilling out onto sidewalks across the street. The side of the Verizon skyscraper had messages projected onto it. The protesters also marched on Brooklyn Bridge. At least 300 people were arrested, according to one report. One man, Brendan Watts, was seen in multiple videos and photos bleeding profusely from the head and possibly missing teeth. He had been moving barriers back towards police, as they edged them inward to further confine the Occupiers.

-- Journalists are ticked off at the New York City Mayor and police again. Many reports came in of reporters being hit and arrested, even though their credentials were obvious. The AP eventually put out a release, but not for the journalists-against them. The AP scolded journalists for "mis-using" Twitter as press. Some are speculating the AP's response as "We can't make money off your Tweets, so you should send us the info first."

-- A mother is venting her frustration at Occupy Eugene. She claims that the Occupiers hid her teen-aged runaway daughter from police, and that they knew she was a runaway. Occupiers say they do not harbor runaways, and did not hide her from police. The protesters say they did not call police because they eventually convinced the girl to return home.

-- Occupy Youngstown was denied a restraining order, with the Magistrate saying the city acted "pursuant to the authority its allowed." The Magistrate agreed to another hearing in the future.

-- Occupy Indianapolis has gotten the okay to move to a smaller park. They had previously been told to move from the Statehouse lawn, but as most of the items were removed, the city calmed down. They say what is left looks "manageable" and they will keep an eye on it.

-- Occupy Orlando protested on the I-4 overpass during rush hour yesterday. While most motorists honked in response to the around 100 Occupiers, some people yelled out car windows to "get a job." The Protesters' response? "I have one, thank you."

-- Occupy Portland got pepper sprayed, again, while marching to a downtown bank. Police said anyone who remained in the street would be arrested, and then began to spray the crowd.

-- Occupy Philly is having a bit of trouble. They voted to move to the smaller park initially suggested by the City, in order to allow construction to begin on the current plaza. When they arrived at the other area, police rebuffed them, saying they did not have a permit for the site. (Writer's note: I would comment on this, but it would simply turn into a large amount of profanity and primal screams of anger.)

-- Atlanta police arrested 8 Occupiers, and scared a whole lot more people than that yesterday. Georgia State students watched from the sidewalk as police arrested people, afraid to step out in the road, even to go to work. Police told them they would arrest anyone who stepped into the roadway.

-- Five people were arrested in Austin after they chained themselves to a tree and refused to leave.

-- Occupy Seattle marched across the University Bridge, snarling traffic with between 600-800 protesters. Police watched closely, but kept their distance.

-- Mainstream Media is reporting that Occupy San Diego has aligned itself with the man who made an assassination attempt at the White House. They are saying San Diego had a "moment of silence" for the man, and that they show solidarity to him.

-- The city has declared Occupy San Francisco a "public health nuisance," and has posted eviction notices around the encampment. Occupy SF is bracing for the eviction.

-- 14 protesters were arrested in St. Louis yesterday, after blocking an entrance to the Martin Luther King Bridge. 800 people, including several local unions, were involved in the march.

-- Occupy DC took over the Francis Scott Key Bridge, with many drivers snapping pictures and honking as they passed. No arrests were recorded.

-- Here's an interesting article about a man arrested in Denver.

-- Occupy Fort Myers was evicted last night, with one arrest for allegedly kicking a police officer.

-- 12 Occupiers were arrested in Houston last night, as they blocked a ramp leading to I-45. Over 200 other protesters cheered for them as they were dragged to waiting police vans. One of those arrested was an elderly woman. Police had initially used a horse flank to push her up onto the sidewalk, but she stepped back in the road and was detained.

-- Occupy Chicago received around 46 citations for blocking the LaSalle Street Bridge yesterday. The police rounded up protesters onto buses before ticketing them for "being pedestrians failing to exercise due care." They were then released.

-- Around 75 Occupiers were arrested in Los Angeles yesterday, at different locations throughout the city. Some, including an 81 year old woman, were arrested for blocking a street while holding hands. Others were arrested for setting up tents on the private property of a Bank of America building.

-- Occupy LSX has taken over an empty bank building in East London, much to the dismay of the bank, UBS. UBS says they are "aware of the situation, and taking appropriate action." The Occupiers are calling it a "public repossession."

-- 21 were arrested in Las Vegas yesterday, as they linked arms and walked through a public street. Police say they gave three warnings to move from the roadway, and then began arresting those who disobeyed.

-- Occupy Boston may have issues in the future. The non-profit group that owns the park they occupy wants them out, according to the Boston Globe. They are saying the protesters have stopped them and others from enjoying the public park, and that their presence has forced cancellation of events. There are no current eviction plans in place, however.

-- Over 200 Occupiers took over the Howard Street Bridge yesterday in Baltimore, with several unions and other groups joining Occupiers on the march. Occupiers threw a huge banner onto the side of the bridge, upsetting police who had approved the march, but not the banner. (Really? It's a banner. *eyeroll*)

-- A preliminary injunction was granted for Occupy Nashville, giving the group an indefinite stay at the plaza they occupy. The injunction will last until the court orders otherwise, but does not prevent the state from adding new rules to the grounds surrounding the state capital.

-- In local news, Occupy Carbondale protested at the Paul Simon Federal Building yesterday, in solidarity with movements everywhere, and protesting federal policies that favor corporations over citizens.

That's all I have time for today, everyone. Notice the word of the day is "bridge." :)

Have a great day, and a great weekend. I hope I hear from everyone soon.


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