Sunday, June 10, 2012

Updates 6/10/12

Hello everyone.

I decided I would take a different way home last night. I was walking and trying to find a shortcut, considering it takes me a half hour to walk about 2 blocks due to the awkward roads. Well, I found one...  Then I got screeched at by a raccoon, stalked by deer, and twisted my ankle running from a skunk. I think I'll only take that way in the daytime. 


-- The Canadian Grand Prix is this weekend in Montreal, and protesters were sure to have their voices heard during the festivities. Over 600 students took to the streets to protest. Fox News reports that protesters were throwing missiles and bottles at police, police cars were damaged, and that those celebrating were "trapped" by what they are calling a "riot." No injuries were reported, but 25-28 students were arrested during the march. Those attending the celebrations didn't seem to mind the protests. (Which brings to question--How were they "trapped" if that is truly the case?)

-- Protests against internet censorship in India are getting serious. Anonymous has been using DDoS attacks against websites belonging to the Indian government, including the Computer Emergency Response Team India site meant to deal with cyber security. Anonymous later commented that they can't even protect themselves, but they are somehow expected to protect others. The website was up again later that evening.

-- The NYPD is under fire (again), but this time it's for religious discrimination. Fishel Litzman is an Orthodox Jew who was weeks away from receiving his badge when he was kicked out of the police academy for not shaving his beard. Hasidic Jews believe that cutting their beards is forbidden by God. Litzman says that the department knew when he began the academy that he was an Orthodox Jew, but recently began having confrontations over the length of his beard. Litzman and his attorney are considering what steps to take next, and several leaders are urging the Police Commissioner to reconsider his stance on the matter. 

-- Occupiers in Providence have been banned from the local Providence Place Mall for a year, after they rallied inside with messages of higher taxes for the rich. Police handcuffed the demonstrators and removed them from the mall, only releasing them when they accepted the one year ban. Occupy Providence is not happy with the way police handled the incident, saying "Using handcuffs on peaceful protesters exercising their rights to free speech was clear intimidation and completely unnecessary."

-- The fight for women in Egypt is far from over. A march against sexual assault in Cairo turned dangerous for the female protesters as a mob of men descended on the group, groping the women while trying to get into their handbags and shove their hands down the women's clothing. The male supporters tried to fight back against the mob, but with so many involved, it quickly turned into a free-for-all melee. The protesters and supporters alike believe that the mob was orchestrated, but are unsure of who would have done so. There are more details in this article, but be forewarned, it may be upsetting to those who have experienced such trauma. (AKA trigger alert.)


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