Monday, June 11, 2012

Updates 6/11/12

Hello everyone.

Well, sadly, I had to quit my job last night. I didn't want to, because obviously I need the paycheck, but even my mother told me to quit. I was working for the largest corporate grocery chain in the US, and after a few days, they really proved what they cared about, and it definitely wasn't their employees. Even Walmart, as much as I despise them, will let an employee get a drink of water if they are thirsty, and has you take a break every two hours. Not this place. You weren't allowed to drink until you were on break, and only got one 15 minute break per 6 hour shift. For someone with health issues like me, dehydration can be a real problem. As I walked home from work on Sunday, I got a massive nosebleed, all due to dehydration. The job was stressful as it was, and since I was the newest employee, my hours were going to be cut from 12 a week to 6-8. A week. I got screeched at by two different managers wanting me to do two different things. They left me alone for 4 hours, refusing to let me use the restroom until an hour and a half after I asked. Then I found out that because of union dues and uniform fees, I wouldn't be receiving a paycheck for the next 3 weeks at least. I'm not too interested in working for free, unless I actually volunteer to do so for a cause. So I'm back to the drawing board when it comes to my finances. I just have to remind myself to keep going. I only have until August, when I go back to school and am a paid researcher. My biggest concern will be getting my medication, which I need refills on very soon. Wish me luck. 

On to the real news.

-- The Corporate Media is having a field day with Robert Pattinson (best known as the sparkly vampire from the popular tween movies in the Twilight series) and his opinions of actors who support Occupy. He believes they are a hypocritical bunch. If you are interested in what he said, you can click the link to read the rest of it. (No, I don't honestly hate the Twilight series, but I greatly dislike the movies. Blech.)

-- Over a dozen Occupiers and clergy members are set to start their trial today for breaking into a church owned lot back in December. Many of those facing charges opted to take a plea deal which allowed them to avoid jail. Those who refused are facing up to 90 days in jail. The church in the middle of the fiasco is Trinity Wall Street, which consistently stated that they agreed with OWS, yet refused to help, and called police repeatedly when Occupiers came knocking.

-- While this article doesn't seem to have much to do with Occupy, you can read between the lines and find more than you think. Walmart's Asset Protection crew (fitting name, I believe) has been accused of killing several people accused of shoplifting, mostly by ignoring when things go wrong. In my opinion, this truly shows profit over people, as they are willing to let an accused shoplifter die of a heart attack rather than lose some items from their stores. The author of this opinion piece, by the way, wrote the new book titled "Occupy Walmart."

-- Occupy Abai is getting ready to test Russia's newest anti-protest law, and in a big way. The June 12th is Russia Day, and Occupiers will be taking to the streets once more in a second March of Millions. Russia Day is meant to celebrate Russia's independence from the Soviet Union. Authorities have stated that they will not allow the crowd to grow past the 50,000 that showed up at the first March of Millions last month, but opposition leaders believe more than 100,000 may take to the streets. Reports are already surfacing that show Russian riot police are preparing with all kinds of "non-lethal" weapons, including an unusual machine gun that fires shuttlecocks with sniper accuracy and a hard hit that can knock people down, even if they have armor. (Wtf?!)

-- This link is actually a discussion concerning the new Law 78 signed in Canada, which curtails the rights to protest in the country. Once the law was signed, even more groups and unions came out in protest. Press TV talks to activist and journalist Anna Lekas Miller, to get her take on the law, and what the US should do next.


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