Friday, June 22, 2012

Updates 6/22/12

Hello everyone.

I'm doing a link day today, and it may be like this for a few days. We're going to visit my in-laws for a few days, then stop and see my family for a few more. I may have sporadic internet access, so updates may be a little off. July is coming up fast, and that's going to be a crazy month for me. I've got financial issues to survive, and I'll be teaching, meeting with professors, attending weddings, judging a research symposium, and several other crazy things on my list of stuff to do. For now, I have to type fast--I still have to pack!


-- This Rolling Stone article points out some interesting data. Apparently some Wall Street tactics were learned from the Mafia, and they have no problems with using them. 

-- The former candidate for mayor of Portland has been on a hunger strike for almost three weeks now, in an effort to highlight housing issues.

-- Eleven Occupy DC members have been convicted of disobeying police after they attempted to build a wooden structure in the park in December. They have to pay fines, and one man with extra charges has to do community service. 

-- Egyptian citizens are protesting again, with huge sit-ins stemming from worries that the military rulers for the country may attempt to hijack the elections.

-- Occupy Chicago is working to help employees of a staffing agency that abruptly closed, leaving employees not only without jobs, but also without the pay they are owed.

-- Is violence against environmentalists increasing? Yes, says this author. In other countries, being an environmentalist can get you killed. While America hasn't gone that far yet, it seems to be moving in that direction.


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