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Updates 6/16/12

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-- An Alameda County judge is facing charges of theft from his elderly neighbor, after he allegedly befriended the woman and her husband and took over her power of attorney. The husband died in 1999, and Judge Seeman then banned her from her home, forcing her to live in a hotel while he sold off her possessions to a tune of roughly $200,000. The woman died in 2010. After his first court appearance, Seeman was met by Occupiers outside who were waiting on another case. They heckled him, as many of them had appeared before him in court. An Occupy attorney commented that this sort of case is exactly what reinforces the belief that our justice system is corrupt.

-- Protesters in Bulgaria have joined up to form Occupy Eagles Bridge. They are angry about controversial amendments to the Forestry Act, noting that the amendments benefit the "shady oligarch." The public was assured that lobbyists would have no say in the Act, which was supposed to benefit skiers, but they say this is not the case. The law apparently provides State help for private corporations, and moves away from public tenders to public/private partnerships.

-- The newest report on Occupy Oakland has been released, discussing the event of October 25. The report states some of the obvious---police were definitely in the wrong with how they handled things. But they weren't alone. The report also loads blame on the Mayor as well, citing her indecisiveness and leadership failures. While Mayor Quan says they are working to change the outdated and dangerous tactics used, Occupiers aren't seeing it.

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-- Occupy Portland got a note from the city yesterday, telling them that they are no longer allowed to hold meetings in the park without a permit. Follow the link to read the note and some reactions to it. 

-- The aniti-fracking Occupy group in Pennsylvania has been raided. The group came together when fracking company Aqua America bought the site of a mobile home park, giving each resident only $2,500 to move out by June 1. Fracking is known to cause pollution and ill health effects, and many of the people in the area oppose it. This article is a detailed account of what has been going on in this smaller town, and why these 6 families are holding their ground with the support of hundreds.


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