Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Updates 6/5/12

Hello everyone. 

We have quite a few links today. Some are news, some are opinion pieces. 

-- Have you been wanting more information about why the judge in Oakland is on the Oakland Police Department? This article by Colorlines gives a detailed background of what's been going on behind the curtain, and why this struggle has actually been going on for nine years.

-- Here's an opinion piece concerning the "success" or "failure" of Occupy, depending on how you see it. The author details why they believe the Occupy movement has not, and will not, disappear.

-- Occupy Chicago took to the streets in a large demonstration yesterday, protesting against police infiltration and entrapment, politically motivated arrests, and targeted repression. Some carried photos of people thought to be infiltrating local movements in order to incite violence. The city initially applied for a grant from the federal government for preparations of last month's summit, but have yet to receive any funding.

-- A judge in Seattle has dismissed over a dozen trespassing cases against Occupiers, stemming from their Occupation of an old Capitol building in December. The judge ruled that the activists could not have been trespassing, as the building had been abandoned and was slated to be demolished two weeks later. 

-- Coming soon to your town... Occupy money? Occupiers are working together to stamp bills with Occupy slogans and anti-corporate logos. Is this legal? Kinda. Read more here:


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