Friday, June 1, 2012

Updates 6/1/12

Hello everyone.

I start work today, which means that I may not be posting the blog at regular hours, depending on my hours at work. I know most of you will understand. I've been feeling lackluster lately about pretty much everything, including the blog. It really has nothing to do with the blog itself. It's more that I'm not comfortable with having nothing to do. I feel like I'm wasting my time a lot.. Like I could be doing something more important, but I don't actually have any resources to do so. I have to make the blog quick today, so I can shower and eat before I head in for my first day.


I've noticed that lots of major Corporate media outlets, from HuffPo to the New York Times to the Wall Street Journal, are calling Occupy a "dead" movement. Some say it's become divisive, others say dying, even others say it has become confused. With the way they've been writing pretty much jack about what Occupy is actually doing, I'm not surprised they think this way.

-- Iran's analysts apparently think Occupiers are conspiring to start a civil war against the 1%. They apparently have no proof of this, but are (possibly) hoping it to be true.

-- While there are many police willing to step in to protect their own, how many are willing to step out to protect us from them? This article provides an interesting perspective of police who are willing to go against their brotherhood to protect the American citizen.

-- The Oakland PD finally released a plan to investigate the accusations against their officers, but one federal judge says it isn't enough. The judge has ordered a probe into the department, as well as further disclosure of information concerning investigations, and has threatened sanctions if they aren't completed or if corruption is found.

-- The newest group to wash their hands of ALEC is one of the largest. Wal-Mart quietly joined dozens of other corporations and foundations who have removed themselves. To read more, and find out what other groups have left, click the link.


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