Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Updates 6/26/12

Hello everyone.

Sorry about the missing update yesterday. It was a hectic day. I'm back visiting my family, and being in this town has hyped up my fibromyalgia again. My wrists, ankles, and knees are all letting me know they don't appreciate the chemicals in the air and water here in this town. It's gotten to the point where I can only drink bottled water while I'm here. I can't even rinse my toothbrush in the water or I get sicker quicker. Nice, right?

Anyway. I've noticed an interesting trend, and I feel it needs to be mentioned. I get my news through a variety of sources, although I tend to cite major Corporate Media sites. I see news on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites, and then I search for it in the news. It's an easier way to look for stories after I find something out. But there's been something disturbing happening...

Six days ago, Corporate Media sites began reporting that the UN was after the US for not treating protesters properly. The UN claimed that the US was ignoring human rights. Six days ago, the Corporate Media began blatantly and completely ignoring Occupy. I figured this was like any other time, where the CM just got tired of writing about Occupy, and would be back to writing about it soon. They aren't. Don't believe me? Pull up Google right now, and type in "Occupy." Specify "News." Then look at the major stories.. not the ones that are just continuations of another story. There aren't any right now. There are only stories that have been previously written about it about a week ago. There's the artist's house being Occupied in London, which actually happened a week ago. There's a story about Santa Barbara fighting foreclosures, which has been ongoing for quite some time. There's Lansing, where people that have been in the park for over a month are being ticketed again. 

Where's the new stuff? According to CM, there isn't any new stuff. Which we all know is not accurate. Put two and two together, and what do you get? We get the CM doing a media blackout of Occupy in response to the UN verbal attacks of the US government. I wish I could say that I was being all conspiracy theorist right now..

On to the short bit of news I was able to dig up.

-- Oakland Mayor Jean Quan is being called out again, this time for misstating facts about city crime rates and locations. Quan apparently picked an undisclosed 100 block radius in the city and declared it to be the crime hub, stating that it included 90% of shootings and homicides in the city. Too bad for her that the actual numbers definitely don't agree with her, as crime is actually dispersed throughout the city, and the most violent 100 blocks only account for 17% of it. Quan has been citing these incorrect "facts" for months now, along with several others. Her "fictional crime plan," as the author of this article calls it, is not actually helping to defeat crime.

-- The HSBC Holdings Bank in Hong Kong has filed for eviction against Occupy Central, but the protesters still aren't leaving. The bank has filed suit against the group and several other people, stating that they are waiting for the outcomes of the case to decide what to do next. Some of the Occupiers haven't even heard of the lawsuit yet, but when asked, say they aren't giving up on their holding place. 

-- Haitian police are fighting protesters thanks to an eviction stemming from government plans. The government wants to evict roughly 400 families from their homes on the hills of Port-au-Prince, saying that living in such slums endangers lives. Protesters believe they are being targeted because they are poor, and have nowhere else to go. The government has blocked development plans to build new homes for the people. In the clashes with officers, one person was injured after flaming barricades were used to hold police back, who responded with tear gas.


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