Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Updates 6/27/12

Hello everyone.

I'm irritable today. Not much to say, other than that.


-- A judge has ordered that the names of police involved in the UC Davis pepper spraying fiasco last year must be released. The University's police union had previously refused to release the names of police officers involved, citing a state law and saying that doing so could cause harassment for them. The lawsuit was filed by the Sacramento Bee and the Los Angeles Times, and the judge agreed with the papers, saying that the names were subject to release under the California Public Records Act. The judge stayed the ruling until July 27 to give the police union time to appeal.

-- The Oakland police commission is being examined again, and this time it's a community group with political ties at the forefront. The group has put out a proposal that would improve oversight on the force, and possibly prevent the judge from placing the department under federal control. Not everyone is happy about the proposal, and some groups say it is unnecessary, as reforms are already being implemented. 

-- My heart goes out to the families of the lesbian couple who were apparently targeted in Texas during Pride month, simply for being gay. It's difficult for me to speak about this without getting angry, so follow the link to read more if you haven't heard about it. 

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