Sunday, June 3, 2012

Updates 6/3/12

Hello everyone.

Today's news is fairly short again.

-- The Times of India is reporting that thousands of Egyptians have taken to the streets in protest of Mubarak's lenient sentence. The former president/dictator was sentenced to life in prison by a judge, and most of his aides and security chiefs were cleared of any wrongdoing. Many protesters want Mubarak to pay with his life for what he did in allowing brutal beatings and even many deaths during his regime. The ousted leader is apparently planning to appeal the ruling. Egyptian cities erupted in protest after the ruling was passed, with many saying they won't leave until something is done. Either side can easily appeal. 

-- The Republican National Convention is coming to Tampa very soon, and Occupiers are busy making plans. With over 15,000 protesters expected to appear, Occupiers are working on staying out of the "event zone," where they know they would likely be arrested. Individuals are welcome to choose to protest there, but the group as a whole is working on other locations and methods of possible disruption. They say they will be heard just as loudly outside the zone, and that protesting from jail isn't exactly easy. Above all else, the group will remain peaceful.


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