Monday, June 4, 2012

Updates 6/4/12

Hello everyone.

I have to work early again. I also need a shower before I go. To make matters even more yucky, I forgot to take my sleeping pills last night, and by the time I remembered, it was too late to do so. That means I got very little sleep, and what I did get was plagued with nightmares. I'll be off to an eight hour day soon, working at a "training wage" where I make almost a dollar less than minimum. Yay jobs. 

-- In Riverdale, Ohio, residents joined forces to blockade the entrance to town in an effort to stop Aqua America from displacing homes and ruining the environment with a new fracking facility yesterday. Occupy Cleveland drove in from over two hours away to help.

-- This opinion piece by an expert on politics provides interesting insight in comparing the OWS movement to the Los Angeles Riots. It's the 20th anniversary of the riots, and the author of this post shows important similarities and differences between the two. A good short read:

-- Which states are the worst for income inequality? This short list tells you the top five states, as well as how they may have gotten there.

-- Rev. Corey Brooks, aka the Rooftop Pastor we heard so much about in Chicago a few months ago, is ready to begin his walk across the country. To learn more about his deeds and why he is doing this daunting march, read here:


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