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Updates 6/17/12

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Happy Father's Day, if that term fits you in any way. :)

On to the news.

-- Students who were staging a sit-in against deportation of undocumented students at President Obama's campaign office in Oakland have given up the protest in favor of other methods. The pair were the last two left in the demonstration, and they had run out of food, as well as being denied restroom use by the building's security guards. Family and friends called the pair to convince them to protest in a different way. Some of the calls they received were from people involved in deportation proceedings. The two are happy that President Obama announced that people who fit certain criteria will no longer be deported, but say their fight is far from over, as the new rules still do not move toward gaining citizenship.

-- The Oakland Unified School District will close five schools that predominantly serve minority children, much to the dismay of parents, teachers, and students. Parents and teachers have pleaded with the Board, and even filed lawsuits, but they have had no effect. The children will be sent to schools over 10 miles away, while the buildings will be used as administrative offices and private charter schools. There is no guarantee of transportation for the children to their new schools. Occupy has gotten involved with helping in the fight, and are working hard to keep the environment open for children to attend protest events as well. You can read the when, where, and how at the link.

-- Here's another article questioning whether or not Occupy is actually going somewhere. The difference in this one? The author actually interviews an Occupier for their opinions and views. Check it out.

-- This Wednesday, J.P. Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon stood in a congressional hearing and watched as people whose homes his company helped take were dragged away in handcuffs. The Occupy Our Homes DC members confronted Dimon, with one woman being dragged away from the microphone in cuffs after she asked him to face the thousands of people, who, like her, had their homes foreclosed on by shady business practices. 

-- What's going on in Russia? News concerning Occupy movements in the country has been fairly silenced, but some smaller news snippets make it through. Yesterday, while an anti-corruption blogger was being questioned, Occupy members showed up in an unsanctioned protest to support him, leading to ten arrests. The story is fairly short and straight to the point, showing that if the news wants to make it through, it better be on the President's side. (Don't get what I mean? Read the article. They use a bunch of little stabs at some of the people they talk about, calling other parties "unregistered" and stating that the May 6 protests were "violent clashes between police and protesters," although early reports mentioned very few injuries on either side. )


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