Saturday, June 2, 2012

Updates 6/2/12

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I work early this morning, so this is short. It would be short anyway, because the CM seems to be ignoring everything. It's one of the only things they are good at.

-- Over a dozen students were arrested yesterday when they Occupied the UCLA admissions office to demand the school admit more students from underrepresented minorities. The students say that the school does not resemble Los Angeles in any way. The demographics of new admissions are roughly 45% Asian American, 26% White, 22% Latino, 4% Black and .7% Native American. The school says they are committed to having a diverse student body, but admit that they need improvement. 

-- In London, it is highly likely that Occupiers will be evicted from their encampment on the outskirts of the city as soon as the Bank Holiday is over. A judge ruled that Occupiers were inadequate in their defense, and granted Islington Council an immediate possession order and injunction. The council told the judge that Occupiers have cost them almost 50,000 pounds in damage and security, and that local businesses were having difficulties due to the group as well. The judge refused permission to appeal, but Occupiers can still directly apply to the Court of Appeals should they choose.

-- Occupy Tulsa has sprung back into action with a new plan in place. This time, they are more focused on local efforts. Thursday night, they took to the streets in support of local Oklahoma schools facing major budget cuts. One Occupier says the group is more solid now, and that people who believe Occupy is dead are misguided. "This is a process," he said.

-- This opinion piece is titled "Stop, Children: Why We're Done 'Occupying' and Must Move On." The author seems to be stating that in our individualistic society, Occupy simply won't work.

-- Here's another opinion piece. In this, the author offers well-meaning guidance on how to turn Occupy into a real social movement, and what might happen if it doesn't occur.


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