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Updates 6/8/12

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Sometimes writing this blog can be tiring. I can go weeks without getting any feedback from anyone, so sometimes I wonder if I'm writing helpful information, or if people are actually reading anymore. I just keep reminding myself to keep it up. Maybe I'm helping someone.

-- Evicted families in Seville, Spain, have taken over an empty apartment complex to make it their home, regardless of the building having no power or water. In Spain, families have been evicted left and right from their homes, with as many as thirty in a block losing their homes. The apartment complex that has been Occupied was completed in 2010, but none of the apartments were ever rented out. The group is part of the Patio of Neighbors "La Utopia," and has much support from Spain's citizens. The story is short but inspiring to read.

-- A man who was not involved in Occupy protests found himself arrested after he snapped photos on his way to a party Wednesday night. Marc Moran was heading to a get-together at the InterContinental Hotel when he saw the rally marching down the street, and he pulled out his camera to take some photos. As police arrested them, he tried to tell them he was simply a casual observer, but he was detained for over 12 hours. When he was released, his camera was finally returned to him--minus the film, of course. Police say there is no record of them seizing the film.

-- Russian President Putin is determined to quell the protests against him. A bill is being rushed through legislature that would make protesting fines skyrocket to a year's salary--roughly $9,000. The new law, if passed, could also ban "large-scale public gatherings," as well as subjecting those who violate it to prison. (How terrifying for the protesters... I'll be keeping them in my thoughts.) Opposition leaders have tried to quell fears of the fines by assuring that they would assist in raising money to take care of them, as they already have for several protesters, including a schoolteacher who was found guilty of damaging the reputation of an education department official after she accused him of pressuring her and others to falsify votes.

-- Occupiers in Hong Kong have been asked to leave the premises of the Asian headquarters of HSBC Holdings Plc, but protesters say they aren't going. The activist group has been offering free classes, music and books to all who stop in, saying they believe that sharing is a positive thing, and not everything needs to be traded for money or goods. The lending giant HSBC says that they would prefer the protesters to leave voluntarily, but they are working with authorities to find ways to evict them should they choose not to leave. 

-- Out of the nine Occupy the Farm protesters who were arrested for trespassing on UC Berkeley property, only two will actually be facing charges. The rest were apparently arrested outside of the fence, and the prosecutors have said that "in the interest of justice" they will not be filing against them. However, several of the protesters are facing off with the UC Regents in civil court, as they are being sued to keep them off the property. 

-- In Denver, activists are staging a hunger strike until the DREAM Act is passed, which would allow children of illegal immigrants to attend college or join the military as a way to achieve legal citizenship. The two are hunkered down in the Colorado campaign office for President Obama in an effort to get it passed. President Obama's campaign has released a written statement saying that he wants the DREAM Act to pass, and that he would sign it, but it is stalled in Congress. Passing it would require that "Republicans stop standing in the way."

Finally, here are two story links you may find interesting. I certainly did.

-- "Police didn't warn protesters" is a common phrase now. But this judge actually agrees with it! He has given the green light for Occupy to go ahead with lawsuits in NYC.

-- If the FBI wants you to be their informant, you have the right to say "no," right? Apparently not if you want to live your life in peace. See what they've done to this man.


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