Monday, June 18, 2012

Updates 6/18/12

Hello everyone.

We've got plenty of interesting things today, so it's going to be a link day.

-- An Occupier is working with the Vermont Credit Union after being elected to the position at the state's fourth largest credit union.

-- Occupy Raleigh is coming out together against fracking in the state.

-- Occupy Oakland is working with parents and teachers to build a tent city against the closure of multiple schools that mostly serve minority students.

-- Should police wear cameras to record protest events and their own side of the story? More and more departments think so.

-- Is stop-and-frisk right? Thousands of activists from multiple groups don't think so. (It started out as a good idea, but isn't that way anymore.)

-- Occupy Eagles Bridge members in Bulgaria have gone very green in their fight against the government's alterations of the Forestry Act.

-- With so many people saying Occupy is dead, do they really think it will be gone forever? This writer doesn't think so.

-- Rodney King, the man whose brutal beating by police (and their subsequent acquittals) sparked the LA Riots, has died at age 47. It is reported that he was found in the bottom of his swimming pool by his fiancee. A sad event, to be sure.

-- Occupy London is dead after evictions, say some... But not hardly! The Occupation is moving again. See where here:


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