Thursday, June 14, 2012

Updates 6/14/12

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-- Six people were arrested on Tuesday as part of the Chicago Mental Health Movement, as over 50 demonstrators protested against the loss of half the city's mental health clinics. The six clinics have been closed for about two months now, but protesters Occupied the Chicago Department of Health demanding a promise that they will be reopened and a resignation letter from the Health Commissioner. 

-- The last Occupy London encampment has been evicted, with no arrests or incidents reported during the eviction. Occupiers were concerned about the eviction, considering that they last reported 88% of the 99 peaceful Occupiers remaining were homeless with no place to go. City Council members say they are working with the homeless members, but also say that the Occupation has cost them roughly 100,000 pounds. 

-- Occupy Philly is unhappy with a judge's ruling that convicted a dozen Occupiers of "defiant trespassing and conspiracy," stemming from the Nov. 18 citizen's foreclosure of a Wells Fargo Bank. They were trying to raise awareness of the bank's predatory lending practices, which have disproportionately affected Black neighborhoods. Each of the 12 has to pay a $500 fine and court costs. Occupiers plan to appeal the convictions.

-- This I don't even know what to say about. San Francisco is fighting panhandling with an odd them puppies instead. The people receiving the dogs have to meet certain qualifications and will be given a stipend to care for the animals, but it is unknown how things will be enforced as of yet. If they are caught panhandling with the puppy, it will be returned to the shelter. I see at least one major flaw in this plan, though. If these people decide they are able to move out of the housing or hotel they are living in, it is much more difficult to do so with an animal. I have three pets, and finding a rental apartment or house that will allow animals at all is extremely difficult. It's probably not much easier in SF. 


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