Friday, August 31, 2012

Updates 8/31/12

Hello everyone.

My internet is fairly spotty at the moment, thanks to the remnants of Issac beginning to pass over us here in Southern Illinois. My heart goes out to those who are dealing with the aftermath of the storm. I lived in Louisiana for a little while when I was younger, and I have several very good friends in Mississippi. It seems like my friends have made it through unscathed. :)

Let's move on to the news before my internet dies entirely. 

-- [Charles] Mitt Romney is a liar. When I say that, it sounds like I am simply being a liberal who wants to denounce the other side. There is are a few problems with that statement, however. First, I don't like either candidate, really, because they have a lot of the same political beliefs. Second, Romney's lies have been documented. Repeatedly. Head over to this link to get a glimpse of the over 500 lies Romney has told. (It's really amazing to see people correct him, but he just ignores them and continues to spread the same bull.)

-- Romney isn't the only one spreading blatant lies, though. It seems as though Paul Ryan is also jumping on the bandwagon. This article details the multiple issues with Ryan's speech at the RNC on the 29th, shedding light on the lies by providing the truth. The kicker? This article is on FOX.

-- [Charles] Continuing the discussion of politics, Michael Moore has declared that he believes Romney will win the presidency. He predicted this outcome on the basis of the massive amounts of funding Romney has managed to secure, which much outshines the amount President Obama has been able to achieve. (The election will apparently be bought...)

-- [Charles] Charles sent this to me with the tagline "Something to 'hiss' at," and boy, is he right. In Alberta, over 300,000 liters of water tainted by tar sands has been spilled due to a major leak. This has been (at least) the third documented spill from this line, but the pipeline oversight crew still believes it is safe. Environmental groups are not so sure.

-- [Charles] As the political campaigning rages on, let's go back a little in time to remind ourselves of a candidate who used plenty of humor, as well as satirical jabs, to get his point across. Do you remember Vermin Supreme? You should. (When I first saw Vermin, I thought he was crazy. The more I listened to him speak, though, the more I realized how he was actually proving a point with his speeches and actions. He isn't crazy. Our system is.

-- The anti-Occupy film by Breitbart, Occupy Unmasked, was shown last night at the RNC, with a heavy police presence. Hundreds of people (mostly protesters) scheduled to see the film were turned away for "safety reasons," as screeners said they received multiple threatening emails and messages from Occupiers and other protesters. The Facebook pages for the Occupy groups are tame, so there is no way of proving what actually happened. Those who did see the film were quoted as saying it was "stupid" and "distorted reality."


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