Thursday, October 11, 2012

Updates 10/11/12

Hello everyone. 

Today's date is 10/11/12, unless you write it with the day first. But for those of us who write it this way, it's an interesting day. Next year, we will have 11/12/13, and after the 12/13/14, but after that, we will have no more numerically continuous dates until the next millennium. I highly doubt I'll be alive at that point, so I just like to think that this is kind of cool. Yep, I'm a little nerdy like that.

Oh, and I recently discovered that I like Doctor Who quite a bit. I always tend to be behind on the "trends." Oh, well. Doctor Who is awesome.

On to the news. I don't feel so well today, so let's keep it short.

-- [Chuck] Transcanada has turned the entire area around the Tar Sands Blockade into a police state. Landowners are being arrested for stepping onto their own property. A media blackout is in place and journalists are being arrested. 

-- [Chuck] Another tar sands pipeline has been in the works for several years now, but it has been kept secret. The New England Tar Sands Pipeline would travel from Alberta to Portland, Maine. How troubling.

-- A new tent city sprung up overnight in South Austin, and made it through the night without police intervention. Their goal is to provide safe housing for the homeless in the city, as there is a gap in the system.

-- Occupiers in Belfast have left the bank they were protesting at. Police came in to investigate and cut off the power after a radio was reportedly thrown from a window, narrowly missing a parent and child walking below.

-- My friends over at Occupy Tacoma are preparing to celebrate their one-year anniversary. This Sunday, activists will gather and reenact the first march that brought them together.

-- Occupy SF sustained roughly 20 arrests after they Occupied a vacant building in Castro as part of the worldwide day of action to draw attention to the plights of the homeless. 

-- [Chuck] Interested in avoiding GMO foods? This article will help you learn how.


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