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Updates 10/19/12

Hello everyone.

Something interesting is going on, and I'll talk about it a bit after the regular Occupy news.

-- [Chuck] A petition is circulating that would ask the Presidential Nominees to use the last Town Hall debate to discuss the one thing that scares almost all the people in America- the amount of money in politics. The petition asks them to pledge to discuss how corporations and billionaires are using their contributions to control politics. You can read and sign it here.

-- [Chuck] With workers in twelve states on strike, Walmart is having a much more difficult time ignoring the plights of its workers, but it is still trying. SumOfUs is rounding up signatures on a very simple petition to get Walmart to work with employees rather than against them. To show your support for the employees who are losing their jobs to fight for their rights, go here. You can sign the petition and send a personal message to Walmart workers.

-- A man visiting the museum of the Supreme Court was arrested for wearing a jacket with the words "Occupy Everywhere" on its back, and now he's suing the Federal Government for infringing on his free speech. The man was told to remove his jacket because it was a "demonstration," and he would be arrested for unlawful entry if he did not remove it. When he told officers he didn't understand, he was taken into custody. The charges were later dismissed, but the former U.S. Marine isn't satisfied. He says he should have been allowed to remain on the property, because the words on his jacket are "pure speech."

-- The disturbing flyer that has been popping up around Oakland asking people to come out and "Aim to Maim" anarchists has more to the story now. The Examiner provides a look at the actual flyer, along with their own notes about it. According to them, the group DOOM is made up of Black vigilantes, and in the flyer they refer to the people they wish to attack as "Caucasian Black Clad Anarchists/Vandals" and "White Domestic Terrorists." (I don't know what it is about this, but something doesn't feel right here... It feels like there is a bit more behind the scenes going on, and we just haven't seen it yet. I wonder.)

-- [Chuck] The original Keystone Pipeline has been shut down as a result of an undisclosed "anomaly." The pipeline last closed a year ago for problems, and tends to leak at least monthly. When it was built, it was touted as the safest pipeline ever built. If that sounds familiar to you, it should. It's the same thing they are saying about the Pipeline XL. All this is only occurring a few days after Canadian officials announced a probe of TransCanada for lapses in safety.

-- Why is the ACLU concerned about Domestic Drones? Well, they are ready to tell you. Head over to their blog at the link below to find out why they are concerned, and why you should be as well.

-- Lastly, this piece is from both me and Chuck. (Yes, that is grammatical. :p Remove "both" and "and Chuck" to confirm.)Anyway, Ohio is a big state in the elections. It is said that a candidate has never won without Ohio. There's a first for everything, of course, but that's another story. This story, however, is mildly shocking. It turns out that the Romney family may have a bit more say in the elections than everyone would like to believe. The initial site that Chuck sent me is down, for some reason... (My conspiracy warning bells are going off here, but what can I do?) However, multiple other sites have already run with it. 

Apparently, Mitt Romney's son, Tagg, has hefty investments in a company called HIG Capital, which wouldn't be such a big deal, if that company weren't the head of another company called Hart Intercivic. What does Hart Intercivic do? Why, they control the voting machines that are used to count votes in Ohio! The Hart machines are well-known for constantly breaking down, having glitches, and being easily hackable. And once those votes are "in," they're done. There is no real way to do a legal recount on electronic voting machines. (They could change every vote they wanted, and we could never prove it. Not saying they would, but they definitely could.) I've got a few links for this one, because this is definitely serious. The DoJ should get in there and investigate this matter. It's just so damned ridiculous that they implement all these stupid voter laws meant to keep the actual population from voting, but then they don't seem to notice if someone may have control of a huge bit of the population's votes. Voter fraud? Anyone? *cricket chirps*


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