Thursday, October 25, 2012

Updates 10/25/12

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The news today is by two different contributors. One we've had for a long time, Chuck, and a new person who sent me some valuable info today, Gordon. Welcome to Gordon, and thanks to you both for the news.

-- [Chuck] The US federal government seems to have finally had enough of the fraudulent mortgage practices many banks have used in the past few years, and have set their sights on Bank of America to start out. They are suing the Bank for brazen mortgage fraud, specifically mentioning a scheme called "Hustle," which was used to push many home loan applications through the safeguards meant to protect them from fraud and make sure homeowners could afford them. Processors were encouraged to falsify numbers if a loan brought up red flags, and bonuses were awarded based on the number of loans made, rather than the quality of those loans.

-- [Chuck] In Spain, thousands of protesters have gathered together again to protest austerity cuts in the Spanish Parliament. The massive group surrounded Parliament to demand the resignation of members of the country's two main political parties, and to show anger at the loan offering from other countries to save the banks, which they believe caused the issue to begin with. 

-- [Chuck] When I talked the other day about my voting choices, I felt like I was doing the right thing. Apparently I'm not the only one. This short video is a humorous take on voting, and a sad look at the state of our affairs in the US.

-- [Gordon] In Oakland, the DA is pulling some dastardly tricks, even if they are legal. With the one-year deadline for charges concerning the Occupy Oakland marches and encampment last year approaching quickly, the DA is scrambling to file last minute charges against people. People who were arrested on October 25th last year were suddenly called into court with almost no warning. If you were arrested last year around this date, check your mail or call the DA's office to make sure you don't have charges filed against you. More about this, and contact info, in the link.

-- [Chuck] In an effort to get full disclosure of JPMorgan Chase's anonymous political expenditures, three high school students were arrested after they performed a sit-in at the bank's New York skyscraper. The students had previously delivered a petition for the information roughly three weeks ago, to no avail. Instead of acquiescing to the demands, JP Morgan Chase instead shut down the whole building, having the teens arrested. 

--  [Chuck] There is a new group that could easily swing the election in either way, according to BBCNews. "Walmart Moms" are women on a budget who shop at the giant retailer for convenience, and in swing states, these women are important. Here's a video where BBC sits down with two of these moms to discuss who they want to vote for and why.

Also, if you missed my post from yesterday, hop over and take a look. I told everyone all about how it is to work at Walmart.


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