Friday, October 12, 2012

Updates 10/12/12

Hello everyone.

It looks like my school may be figuring things out....Which would be awfully nice. 

Let's get to the news.

-- Occupy Austin's tent city lasted one night, as police rushed to dismantle the camp yesterday morning. No arrests were made.

-- [Chuck] The New York stop and frisk program may have an overhaul coming its way, as lawmakers are already writing the Community Safety Act, which would reverse some of stop and frisk's policies. The program has heavily targeted minorities, and the Mayor has seemed conflicted in his understanding of its results. He once said he would not apologize for saving lies, and later commented that he "knew" the program did not reduce crime.

-- [Chuck] Tomorrow is GlobalNoise's International Call against Debt. Cities across the world will join together and march against debt and the financial crises, and policies which have been known to exploit human lives. Read more about the call to action and the event here.

-- [Chuck] Another activist in the Pacific Northwest has been thrown in prison, not for committing a crime, but for refusing to speak to a grand jury. The 18 month sentence is meant to coerce cooperation, but Leah-Lynn Plante is not having it. She recorded a video of her statement before being taken to prison.

-- A police officer who sucker-punched a woman in West Philadelphia has been fired, but things are not over for him yet. The Police Union has planned a benefit party for the former officer, who is also fighting to get his job back. They say that he should not have been fired for punching the woman, and that he needs support now that he is out of work.


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