Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Updates 10/17/12

Hello everyone.

Today, all the links are provided by Chuck. I'm actually a little happy that he swarmed my email last night, as I have to hurry so I can get on the road to my dentist, as they just left me a message changing my appointment time to 2 hours earlier. 

So remember, everything is from Chuck.

-- Green Party Candidate Jill Stein was arrested yesterday as she tried to gain access to the Presidential Debate, something many of us believe she should have a right to be involved in. However, what most people don't know is that there is a secret debate contract, excluding everyone that isn't one of the Republican or Democratic nominees. Also included in the contract is how the moderator chooses and asks questions. Check out this video for more info on this contract.

-- Here's another video, this time with Glenn Greenwald. He discusses how the debates actually capture the bias and faux objectivity of mainstream journalists.

-- Here's a piece by technology journalist and editor Micah Singleton, in which he once again tackles Romney's claims of "binders full of women." (In case you didn't watch the debate last night, that is something Romney actually said when discussing gender inequality in the workforce, and how he searched out qualified women for positions.) For a bit of a laugh, check out the Tumblr link he includes.

-- Here, Rootstrikers provides an infographic of "who we're really voting for," by including top funders in the faux ballot. It's actually pretty interesting.

-- Why are journalists being arrested like crazy lately? It turns out that the government is using a very old law, the Espionage Act of 1917, to attempt to force journalists and whistleblowers to give up their sources. Investigative journalism is quickly becoming a dangerous field to work in, but at the hands of our own government.

-- The activists fighting against the Keystone Pipeline performed a sort of blitz swarm as they attempted to lock themselves to machinery. Their large numbers confused police and workers, who arrested all they could. Here's a video mashup of the event. 

-- This last link is to a petition that all of us should sign. Walmart has refused to allow workers to organize since its inception, but now workers are fighting back against low wages and poor treatment. This petition is a warning to Walmart. Either allow workers to organize and unionize, or prepare for a Black Friday boycott. 


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