Sunday, October 7, 2012

Updates 10/7/12

Hello everyone.

Looks like I was right about my school. Despite the fact that they still owe me $1000, they sent my scholarship back to my loans. I'm going to have to go in there tomorrow to fight with them. This is stupid. I'm so sick of them. 

Let's get to the news, before I explode.

-- [Chuck] An AWOL veteran who remained anonymous for quite some time has revealed his identity in order to speak out against the wars. He undoubtedly faces arrest because of this. This Twitter page offers information on how to follow his Twitter, and give him support until his arrest comes.

-- Occupy Austin faced multiple arrests and police blockades as they protested the likely location of the new police department. Occupiers marched and attempted to set up tents in the parking lot of the now-vacant Home Depot building, but were pushed back and arrested. They are fighting to turn the building into a homeless shelter, rather than another police department.

-- [Chuck] Many conservatives say there is no war on women, but another attack has just occurred in Oklahoma, as the State Department of Health is ending the WIC contract with Planned Parenthood, despite the fact that Planned Parenthood receives roughly 3,000 WIC visits from women monthly. The President of Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa has spoken out against the cancellation, which the Department of Health claims to be for "business reasons." She states that "...the women who come to Planned Parenthood, they shouldn't be caught up in what I fear is a political attack."

-- Occupy Portland hit the streets yesterday in celebration of their one-year anniversary. Many shouted well-wishes to a newly married couple as they passed by, and some dressed up as fake police, spraying "pepper" spray (aka silly string) at people as they passed. It was not all fun and games, though. The protesters shouted slogans, spoke out against the excessive force and surveillance used by the police, FBI, and CIA, and carried tiny drones. 

-- In San Francisco, a protest march resulted in almost two dozen arrests as people threw rocks and paint at police, and vandalized cars and buildings as they passed. Police say they searched backpacks and found items such as ice picks, flares (which were also apparently thrown at police,) hammers, paint, and other items. Protesters are facing a range of charges, including conspiracy, rioting, resisting police, and assault of a police officer. Other peaceful protests are planned for today, but may not go well, as requested permits were apparently ignored.


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