Friday, October 26, 2012

Updates 10/26/12

Hello everyone.

I'm sorry the blog has been bouncing around on time frames. My sleep schedule has gone totally out of whack since I've had all these issues. However, my mouth is healing up, and I'm starting to feel better. 

-- Occupy Oakland got together last night to take the plaza and march to the areas where they had previously had clashes with police. Only two arrests were made. One was a man was suspected of throwing a rock at a police officer, another was a man who obstructed police and was found to have illegal narcotics on him. Police have been keeping a close eye on Occupiers over the past few days.

-- Occupy Nashville is suing the Governor of Tennessee and other government officials for the state in federal court concerning their new laws about camping in the plaza next to the capitol building. Legislators banned camping on all state property after Occupiers were arrested last October. The Occupiers are asking that a federal judge block enforcement of these rules. 

-- [Chuck] The UN is preparing to launch an investigation into the drone attacks used by the US military. Even after the UN asked the US government for clarification of their procedures to ensure human rights are maintained several months ago, the deaths of civilians have actually increased. One of the UN's counter-terrorism specialist referred to some of the actions by the US military as "war crimes," including deliberate attacks on funerals and mourners that have killed at least twenty civilians.

-- The National Press Photographers Association has joined in on the lawsuit against the NYPD for violating their civil rights. Several photographers have been beaten and arrested by police, even after showing press badges. The suit alleges police misconduct, and names not only the police, but the mayor, the transit authority, Brookfield Projects, and even JP Morgan Chase, which donated several million dollars to the police department.

-- [Chuck] Here's a great little video to show all the women in your life, should you choose to. It's a PSA from the singer of the song "You Don't Own Me," and it speaks volumes. 

-- [Chuck] Lastly, we have another good video. Lawrence O'Donnell, from The Last Word, offers up his view on third party candidates and why voting for them is not a wasted vote. (If I wasn't disenfranchised, I would be voting for Jill Stein.)


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