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Updates 10/28/12

Hello everyone.

Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of this blog, and I'm still not sure what I'm going to do for it. I'll figure something out. 

-- [Chuck] Austerity is a method being used more and more in countries around the world, but is it a good way to go? In the first link, Al-Jazeera visits Spain to find out what the human costs of this economic method really are. In the second link, meet the "Fix the Debt Coalition," a group of CEOs joining together to push austerity on us here in the USA, claiming that they know best how to get the country out of debt, even though many of their corporations use sneaky but legal practices to avoid paying taxes on their collective billions of dollars.

-- [Chuck] Hurricane Sandy is rapidly approaching the East Coast of the US, and no one seems to know exactly why this is happening or what's going on. From Al Jazeera, here is one of the best written reports I've seen so far on the hurricane/tropical storm/Frankenstormocalypse (as I've seen some of my East Coast friends call it), where they discuss the path the storm has been on, previous damage it has caused, where it might hit, and how bad it might be. Secondly (link from me,) Business Insider shows us just how freaked out The Weather Channel is about this storm, providing us with some of the comments made by one of their meteorologists, who seems mildly confused and startled to say the least.

-- Here's a link that I found yesterday, but was also sent in by Chuck (great minds think alike?) concerning an article published, then retracted, by CNN. Once you publish something on the internet, however, it stays there, like it or not. The article concerns a study written by researchers from the University of Texas, which declares in several roundabout ways that women are heavily affected by their menstrual cycle, which can have a huge impact on the way they vote. The article makes women sound like crazed, hormonally imbalanced creatures whose entire belief systems depend on what time of the month it is. (My analysis, not theirs.) Read the whole thing at Daily Kos, because CNN took it down after they received massive amounts of complaints.

-- Media sites are freaking out over the happenings of one woman's life. Sandy Hessler became a big of a media target last year when she "abandoned" her banker husband and children to protest with OWS. Now, she's back in their radar after divorcing the man, citing irreconcilable differences. She received roughly $85k in the divorce settlement. Her now ex-husband reported his income as roughly $65k a year, as a Bank of America financial advisor. The media seems to be attacking this woman for the $85k she received in the settlement, which included cash and his 401(k). The husband retained the house and custody of the children. (Editor's Opinion: Thousands of couples divorce every year. This 19 year marriage coming to an end may have been a result of her protesting with OWS, or it may have been a long time coming. We don't know that. There are plenty of divorces with much larger settlements than this, including things like alimony, which I did not see mentioned here. Why is it okay for the media to come out and blame this woman for her choices in life? This marriage is over. The parties have settled. The choices are made. I don't feel it is helpful to anyone; not the woman, nor her ex-husband, and definitely not their children, to put the massive media's blame on one person in a relationship when it fails. Don't you people have more important things to report about, like, say, the assholes in that austerity list up above?)


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