Saturday, October 13, 2012

Updates 10/13/12

Hello everyone.

I have a fall cold. I'm sneezy. I always thought that the sneezy colds were just a ruse used by cold medicine companies to make people buy medicine. Last year, I got my first sneeze-filled cold. I was crying to my wife about how I seriously thought they didn't exist. Now I have another one. 


-- [Chuck] We have two Facebook entries for this one. The first is a letter from a frequent protester to other protesters, offering encouragement and empowerment. It's a heart-warming read. The second is a photo of people participating in the first-ever strike against Walmart. 

-- [Chuck] Today is the GlobalNoise International Day of Action, with thousands taking to the streets across the world. Here's a remix song of GlobalNoise inspired by today's actions.

-- [Chuck] Senator Bernie Sanders is irritated at people, corporations, and Congress. Congress has just come back from another break, and Senator Sanders wants something to be done about the tax loopholes that allow corporations to pay little to nothing, while often getting refunds by exploiting these loopholes. He has released a list of ten giant corporations in the US that avoid paying taxes.

-- Occupiers are gathered outside St. Paul's Cathedral in London to commemorate the one-year anniversary of Occupy London. St. Paul's became the location of the Occupiers in October of last year after they were told they could not be near the London Stock Exchange. Later, a huge court battle played out between protesters and local officials, ultimately resulting in the Occupiers leaving.

-- [Chuck] A new movie is available for free this week, titled "Genetic Roulette." The film documents the dangers of genetically modified crops, not just for humans, but also for livestock, pets, and the environment as a whole. 

-- The Oakland Police Chief is unhappy with the results of a report released on Friday concerning his officers, and this time, he plans to do something about it. The officer who injured Scott Olsen is facing a criminal investigation. The Chief is hoping to fire two officers and discipline dozens more.


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