Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Updates 10/3/12

Hello everyone.

I'm still fighting the school. Isn't this fun? It seems to happen every semester for some reason or another. It's ridiculous how messed up our system is, but it is also no wonder why out enrollment has consistently dropped for 10 years straight. Our school once had over 20,000 students in attendance. Now, we're lucky to have 16,000. It's not only hurting the school and its finances, but also the local economy in general. Less students means less money entering local businesses.

Let's get to the news.

-- [Chuck] GlobalNOISE has a global day of action planned for October 13th. The plans are being laid, and people are getting ready. Get involved or just learn more at their website. It is available in several languages, and you can even post why you protest.

-- A lawsuit is being brought against JP Morgan, alleging massive fraud. Before your excitement about finally challenging the big bankers gets too big, take a look at this article to see why this lawsuit may not be what we're hoping for. According to this author, it may all be a matter of politics. (Why am I not surprised to hear that?)

-- In Los Angeles, hundreds of Occupiers took to the streets to protest and celebrate their one-year anniversary. Some wore masks while others chalked the pavement. Police officers stood close by, acting annoyed with what one referred to as "babysitting." The activists marched from Pershing Square to City Hall. At the LAPD headquarters, messages were chalked on the ground, but graffiti was apparently inked onto statues and walls. According to police, someone also defecated near the statue. (I guess that makes them bad babysitters?)

-- [Chuck] Propaganda is everywhere, but how ingrained has it gotten? In this ten minute YouTube clip from RT, investigative journalist Amber Lyon brings to light the selective reporting of CNN and iCNN. Most recently, the Israeli Prime Minister and the Iranian President both delivered speeches to the UN, but only the Israeli speech was aired in full. Left out of the Iranian speech were his calls for peace and finding another way to restore it. Lyon says that we must open our eyes, because this type of war-mongering propaganda is becoming increasingly prevalent. (And I agree with her.)

-- [Chuck] As construction on the Keystone XL Pipeline continues, the workers and supervisors seem to be disobeying more and more federal safety regulations. After accidentally toppling one of their own machines, the construction company consulted with police and instructed them to torture two people who had handcuffed themselves to an excavator. Don't think that's too bad? Federal regulations demand that if a person is standing near your machinery, you must power it down. Check out one of the short videos they include with the timeline on this link. You may be surprised to see a worker, with supervisors standing nearby, not only disobey those regulations, but also drop a tree right where an activist was sitting, forcing him to dodge out of the way.


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