Monday, October 22, 2012

Updates 10/22/12

Hello everyone.

Today's news is short. I have much to do, and realistically I'm not in good enough health to do any of it. But dammit, I've got to try.

-- A disabled veteran is suing a San Antonio businessman after he kicked the veteran and his service dog out of his mattress store, telling them to "Go Occupy Wall Street." The dog, Bootz, was clearly identifiable as a service dog, and the veteran, Adan Gallegos, also told the store's employees and president that he was. The president, William Gholson, called the police on Gallegos, making it clear that he believed since he owned the store, no one could make him do anything in his own building. Bootz was leashed and calm throughout the entire encounter, and after Gallegos left, Gholson and his employees continued to harass and ridicule him. 

-- [Chuck] Walmart is trying to play it cool by pretending that associate walk-outs and threats of more strikes are simply publicity stunts for unions, but internal memos reveal that the giant company may be running scared. Walmart says that unions and activists have been trying to destroy the company for years, but their shoddy pay scales and and sketchy tactics have led to the company's multi-billion dollar industry. It seems that there may be some truth to the exploitative business' fears of activists, but not without good reason. This article provides tons of background info, and talks more about possible Black Friday strikes.

-- [Chuck] Witnesses saw a member of the GOP throwing ballots in a dumpster in Virginia, but the GOP-run Election Board will not ask for investigation. The Virginia Attorney General cannot prosecute the ballot-tosser without the say so of the Board, according to the law. Colin Small tossed the ballots and was arrested on charges of obstruction of justice and voter fraud, but it looks like those charges will be dropped, even though there are eyewitnesses and evidence of said crimes. (I wonder why.)


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