Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Updates 10/30/12

Hello everyone.

It's getting quite cold around here. Obviously not as cold as other locations in the US right now, but still cold, especially when you compare it to last year's never-ending heat wave. Ninety degrees in November then, now 40 in October. My thoughts go out to all of you dealing with Sandy. I hope you are all safe and sound.

-- In New York City, the tides have broken the previous height record set way back in the early 1800s. Cars have been viewed floating down the street, and the infamous Wall Street Bull is reportedly underwater. For more info, follow the link. (I personally hope that all the homeless people were able to find shelter safely.)

--[Chuck] We are all intelligent enough to know that Sandy isn't your typical storm. Is climate change a part of this strange system? Bill McKibben says yes, and that Sandy should be a huge wake-up call to those who keep denying this is happening. 

-- [Chuck] While unemployment seems to be going down, many of us are still finding ourselves without work and without hope that this could change anytime soon. Here, Al Jazeera brings us an analysis and smartly-written ideas on how this could all be fixed, but why it's unlikely to happen.

-- [Chuck] In California, the ads and debates about GMO labeling continue to rage. Not all farmers are happy with GMO crops, and here is one to tell you why. Out of concern for his family, this farmer moved away from GM crops, but has watched as more and more farmers have the seeds forced on them, or are sued by companies like Monsanto for "stealing patented crop varieties" when the GM crops accidentally mix with theirs.

-- An executive from the Bank of England gave a speech in London last night to financiers and students, but this was no ordinary speech. Andrew Haldane is the executive director for financial stability at the bank, and in his speech he declared that Occupy was correct about its assumptions concerning their analysis of the global financial system. He said that Occupiers were not only morally accurate, but also that their opinions on inequality and debt levels were right on track. Haldane is the first to explicitly agree with the Occupiers, though others in the financial system have hinted at their agreement.

-- The Federal Judge in San Francisco is furious at the Oakland Chief of Police. Judge Thelton Henderson appointed a federal court monitor to oversee department compliance, but the monitor's emails to Police Chief Howard Jordan never responded. Judge Henderson ordered an investigation concerning why Jordan was not answering, and found that last year the Chief had his department put filters in his email, meaning that every message with the words "Occupy Oakland" in it was sent directly to his junk mail. Jordan claims he forgot the filters were in place.


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