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Updates 10/6/12

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Once in a while, it hits me tat this is a news blog, yet I often post links to opinion pieces or articles that aren't technically considered news. I hope you all don't mind when that happens, but I am going to attempt to cut back on those things. I'm thinking that I may post one a day, or maybe one more if it's really interesting and valid. Otherwise, I'm going to work on moving toward news articles alone. If you are one of the people that sends me links, please keep this in mind. 


-- Celebrities are getting in on the action with Occupy and other groups. Daryl Hannah (for you young ones who don't know her, she starred in Blade Runner and Splash, and is known for her environmental activism) was arrested as she stood with the homeowner on the farm, blocking TransCanada's pipeline. The 78 year old homeowner lost her land through eminent domain, but has not backed down yet. 

-- [Chuck] The huge factories owned by Foxconn were crippled yesterday as thousands of workers walked off the production lines for the iPhone 5. Apple requested tighter inspections due to complaints over "aesthetic" issues with the phone, but the resulting inspection standards were impossible to meet. Brawls broke out between workers and inspectors, who wanted workers to meet inspection increments of roughly two-hundredths of a millimeter, which workers say is impossible because of iPhone 5 design flaws. Some individuals were taken to hospitals after the fights, while the rest of the employees walked out, stopping production for several hours. Foxconn has said that there was no strike, no stoppage, and no fighting. 

-- [Chuck] California voters are seeing more and more advertisements for both sides of the GMO battle, as they prepare to hit the ballot box in a month. An estimated forty million dollars will be spent on TV adverts for both sides. This article details the coming flood of advertisements, as well as the talking points for both groups.

-- [Chuck] A new politician has arisen in Pakistan, and he is taking his anti-drone message to the people via a "protest march" via motorcade. Imran Khan used to be a cricketer, but now he is traveling to more rural areas of the country to let people know he hears their concerns and identifies with them. Both the US and the Taliban are unhappy with his messages, with the Taliban saying they will "welcome" him with bombs, and the US claiming civilian casualties are a rarity. (Isn't it strange to see two enemies come together, in a way, against a message? According to multiple studies, civilian casualties are much more than the US wants to admit, with many rescuers being killed by follow-up strikes.)

-- New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has seemingly flipped a switch, as he spoke recently about not being anti-union. There is an expansion project underway in his state, and the owners of the Jets and New York Giants are suing the developer for not consulting the teams beforehand. Suddenly sounding like an Occupier, Christie stated, "I will not put up with billionaire team owners for the Jets and the Giants standing in the way of building American dreams."

-- Occupiers who head to DC for Halloween may find themselves in trouble for something seemingly innocuous. In 2010, a law was passed in DC that made it illegal for protesters to wear masks while protesting in a residential area. This wouldn't be such a big deal, if Capitol Hill was not somehow zoned as residential. But Capitol Hill IS zoned as resdential, which doesn't make much sense. So those who visit should be aware of this law, and be prepared for it to be used against them.

-- [Chuck] Here's our interesting article for the day. Sweden and Norway used to have similar systems to the US, with the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. They were countries owned by the 1%. But not anymore. This article details how both Sweden and Norway took their countries back, and became the prosperous nations we know of today. It was not without struggle, but the results, according to many, are well worth it.


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