Sunday, October 14, 2012

Updates 10/14/12

Hello everyone.

My little brother's birthday party was last night, even though his birthday is actually tomorrow. He is turning 24, an amazing feat for someone who was supposed to die at 16. We don't know how many birthdays he has left, so I cherish being able to go to every one of the parties and see how happy he is that people care. I'll be seeing him again likely next week... since I broke a tooth again and my dentist is in my hometown. I feel guilty about being away so often, knowing that I miss so much. 

On to the news.

-- Occupiers in London chained themselves to a pulpit in St. Paul's Cathedral, urging people to "throw the money changers out of the temple." The church has changed its stance on Occupiers several times, leading to confusion in the conflict between protesters and the financial district.

-- A new Credit Union will likely be opening in California soon, as San Francisco Occupiers work toward the People's Reserve Credit Union. The group says they have met the state's requirements to open the project, which is designed to serve local communities and go against the large, for-profit banks. They are now working on raising capital, and will be submitting an application for certification soon.

Here are some interesting photos:

-- [Chuck] A great sign by a protester during yesterday's GlobalNoise event:

-- The GlobalNoise event was shown on the big screen in Times Square:

-- [Chuck] A group of over 1000 people form the words "Dump Citizens United!" on a beach in San Francisco. Amazing.

Back to news stories:

-- [Chuck] Want to know what the international GlobalNoise event was like, and why it happened? RT sat down with one of the organizers to ask questions and find out.

-- A man who was registering voters on private property used by the public was arrested after he refused to move his property to public property last month. However, the law explicitly states that people engaging in "peaceful political activities," such as registering voters, are not subject to arrest on private property that is typically used by the public. The man, Ray Lutz, initially filed a civil rights suit over the arrest, but the charges were dropped. Now he is filing suit for false arrest.

-- An art teacher and roughly 200 CSUN students burned their year-long project to the ground yesterday, an effigy of "Burning Wall Street." The matchsticks, twist ties, and candy wrappers took the forms of banks, Occupiers, and Wall Street in general, burning up in five minutes. Students involved in the project chalked bank crimes on the sidewalk leading to the exhibit.


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