Monday, October 8, 2012

Updates 10/8/12

Hello everyone.

Happy Columbus Day, or whatever it is you like to call it. I prefer to not think about Columbus at all, since he really wasn't a good guy. At all.

Anyway, the news is late, and short, because I've been on the phone all morning fighting with my school, which seemingly is refusing to acknowledge that they owe me money. When I owe, they are all over me, but when they owe me, no one knows what the hell to do.

-- Occupy Atlanta's Occupy Our Homes branch has an unlikely ally this week as they fight to stop the foreclosure of a home owned by a retired detective. The detective is fighting a battle with multiple myeloma, a form of cancer, as US Bank threatens to take away her home. 

-- [Chuck] Whole Foods has gotten themselves in a bit of trouble, as they have advertised all-natural foods with no artificial products "ever," yet GMO foods appear on their shelves. 

-- [Chuck] How do we lessen inequality here in the states? It's a big question these days, and here Democracy Now! has a video explaining what can be done.

-- HSBC has gotten a court order allowing them to restrain people who enter their property without their consent. The Hong Kong bank plans to use the order against any protesters they consider to be nuisances, which I'm sure we all know would be all of them.


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