Saturday, October 27, 2012

Updates 10/27/12

Hello everyone.

I had a bad night last night when it comes to sleeping. I didn't fall asleep until after 4 in the morning. Today, I got up around noon, and checked the mail to find that during my stay at the hospital, there is a chance that I received some of the tainted medication from that facility that has been in the news. If I did receive it, there is a chance that I could have contracted fungal meningitis, which has so far killed 25 people due to the outbreak. I've been pretty consistently crappy feeling ever since I had the surgery, so we just think it would be better to play it safe and get me checked out.

Let's get to the news, which is mostly Chuck. I'm also keeping descriptions fairly short, so you'll have to actually go to the links today. Sorry about that. 

-- [Chuck] Seattle will soon have spy drones in the air, as the FAA has approved the police department's use of them.

-- [Chuck] Take the pledge to avoid Walmart on Black Friday and support the strike. Here's some info about the pledge, and about the Walton family.

-- [Chuck] What's going on in the world? Noam Chomsky discusses who actually OWNS the world in this video.

-- [Chuck] Alberta residents have declared the Canadian Tar Sands mining illegal, and may have the grounds to back it up. Keep fighting!

-- [Chuck] What are some of the dangers of fracking? Find out here.

-- Occupiers across the world prepare to stand up and rally against debt. This is an extremely interesting article.

-- The multi-million dollar ad blitz against GMO labeling may be changing people's minds to vote against it.


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