Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Updates 10/16/12

Hello everyone.

On the 29th, I will have been writing this blog for one year. I'm not sure what I will do for that day. Maybe I could tell you more about me. Maybe I could do something else. If you have suggestions for something you would like to see, send them to me at the email located after the news. 

-- [Chuck] October 20th is a big day for the Syrian people, and a Global Day of Solidarity has been planned to support them in their fights against the murderous regime. Sit-ins and marches are planned for many locations, including in front of the United Nations. 

-- [Chuck] Our educational system is being increasingly privatized and turned into a for-profit industry, churning out less knowledgeable students from tired teachers who live on little pay. Why is this continuing to happen? This article from Alternet explains how education profiteering from Wall Street is the next big thing.

-- A New York man has been sentenced to a halfway house for his self-described "idiotic" scheme, in which he sent envelopes full of baby powder to banks. Cory Kent told the court he got the idea from an Occupy video that encouraged people to send back forms to banks with extra stuff in them, in order to cost the banks money.

-- Two different CEOs have sent thinly veiled threats to their employees now, warning of dire implications, such as layoffs, should President Obama be reelected. The first was Westgate Resorts CEO David Siegel from Florida, who stated that he was trying to influence votes by "giving them the facts." The second is the CEO of ASG Software Solutions, Arthur Allen, who told his employees that they would only have themselves to blame if the company loses jobs because of the President.

-- [Chuck] By this point, most of us know who Bernie Sanders is, and why he plays an important part in our country. Here, from MoveOn, he gives a play-by-play of not only how we got into this debt, but what could be done to get out of it. He tells us methods that would likely work, but that Republicans will not use. It's very interesting, and not too long.

-- Also from MoveOn, here's an intriguing peek into what really happened for Ryan's photo-op as he worked in a soup kitchen. According to the the President of the soup kitchen's organization, Ryan was not only not given permission to come in and help, but he also did not actually do anything. All he did was come in after everything was taken care of, soap up clean pans, and pretended to wash them in order to get the photo. (That's pretty damn low. You pretend to work in a soup kitchen to get people to like you, where as if you actually would have taken the time to actually help, you wouldn't have to lie to get that appreciation. What the heck?)

-- Lastly, Occupy Portland has won a major legal victory. Occupiers who were arrested for minor offenses now have the right to go into a jury trial and have attorneys, rather than just facing a judge. Officials believe this may lead to tons of dismissals, as a jury trial is much longer and more costly for the state than just a judge-run trial. Read more about the possible implications here.


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