Monday, December 10, 2012

Updates 12/10/12

Hello everyone.

I got a lot more done yesterday than I thought I would, so I'm quite happy about that. I'm probably going to reward myself with a nap in a little bit.

-- In Michigan today, roads are being closed and diverted, police are at the ready, and unions are hitting the streets to protect their rights. They are working to prevent Michigan from becoming another "right to work" state, which would make them the 24th to do so.

-- A California professor has filed a federal case against the Oakland Police for the excessive force used against him during a protest in January. The sociology teacher says he was roughed up by police, hit with batons, and thrown to the ground. He was at the protest to research why protesting has turned violent for a book he is working on.

-- The NYPD are working to satisfy what seems to be a political vendetta, after an artist drew up a poster of the NYPD drones attacking innocent people. Police normally don't pay much attention to vandalism, but in this case they were fingerprinting the posters and searching for leads. They finally got one and have now arrested the artist. (Really? Because there is nothing more important, right?)

-- Today is Human Rights Day, and it seems that rights just about everywhere are being trampled and protested for. Here PolicyMic examines the worst offenders against Human Rights... and surprise, four of them are on the UN Human Rights Council.


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