Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Updates 12/4/12

Hello everyone.

I'm still sick. This is awful. I'm going to get through it though. I always manage to somehow.

 -- [Chuck] You know what I haven't heard a lot about recently? Sinkholes. Apparently that's surprising, because massive sinkholes have been cropping up from Texas to Ohio to Louisiana. There are talks of fracking causing the New Madrid fault line to reawaken and possibly rupture. (If that happens, don't bother trying to contact me. I'm in Carbondale, Illinois... only a few miles from the fault line. If it ruptures as bad as it used to, we'll all be dead around here.)

-- [Chuck] There are more secrets formulating in government, and this time they are trying to clamp down on the internet -- AGAIN. Here's a petition from the AFL-CIO demanding that the International Telecommunications Union back off.

-- [Chuck] Qatar's first ever climate march happened yesterday, as Arab youths called on the UN Climate Summit to take action this year.

-- [Chuck] Two protesters barricaded themselves inside one of the pipes for the Keystone XL pipeline yesterday, essentially stopping progress on the line until they could be extracted. Here's a step-by-step timeline of what happened.

-- Cooper Union has been a free university ever since its foundation was laid, but now the administrators are wanting to charge tuition to students to cover the growing deficit brought about by an expansion plan. They have already begun to charge tuition to graduate students. Students are angry about this, because it is tossing aside the values of the school, and they have locked themselves into one of the towers, demanding that the administrators stay true to the founder's vision, and that the President be removed.


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