Friday, December 14, 2012

Updates 12/14/12

Hello everyone.

I'm up and about quite early this morning, as I took my younger cat to be spayed this morning. I had been wanting to get her in for an appointment for a while, but then she started peeing on everything, so it needed to get done. I'm a worry-wart pet parent/owner/servant, and have already called the vet once to see how she is doing (I dropped her off at 8. It's 9.) and I will no doubt call at least 4 more times before I pick her up at five. Luckily the vet is used to my worrying, so they don't get upset when I call so often. 

Anyway, news.

-- An Occupier will be facing charges in court after he allegedly threw bricks at other protesters from the top of a vacant building that had been taken over by the group. The man, Jesse Nesbitt, got in trouble last year for throwing a bottle at a city worker while on Justin Herman Plaza. Nesbitt says serving in the military hardened his heart, and that he saw battle even though he served in South Korea during peacetime. 

-- Scott Olsen is a name familiar to every Occupier, as the Iraqi War Vet who was shot in the head with a bean bag round by police, causing severe injuries during a protest last year. Police then attempted to prevent other protesters from assisting him by firing rounds and tear gas at them. But the whole story has been spotty at best. Here's a full account of what happened to Olsen, and why he is suing.

-- Several groups are joining forces in Oregon to protest a Nike deal that would provide a mere 500 jobs, but would give the corporate giant tax breaks for years to come. Protesters are angry at the multiple austerity efforts happening in the state, but there is still somehow enough funds to give them breaks. 

-- In Eugene, an offshoot of Occupy is working hard to bring attention to the plight of the homeless. SLEEPS (Safe Legally Entitled Emergency Places to Sleep) has been roaming the city, setting up homeless camps, and being evicted by police in order to show that there is a sort of social cleansing against the homeless.


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