Thursday, December 13, 2012

Updates 12/13/12

Hello everyone. 

It is one of those weeks.

-- A judge has approved a plan concerning the Oakland Police Department and their new compliance director, which will hopefully keep officers in line and from overstepping their bounds.

-- [Chuck] Senator Gretchen Whitmer is absolutely livid about Republicans pushing the Right to Work laws through in Michigan, and tells them so in this video.

-- [Chuck] In at least ten different countries, Walmart workers will be standing up against the corporate giant tomorrow, addressing multiple concerns.

-- [Chuck] Worried about climate change? Here's a petition to President Obama to get him to pay more serious attention to this serious problem, and the video is pretty good too.

-- [Chuck] Why do we have unions? What are they? Why do they need to exist? These are questions that we might not like to ask, for fear of seeming ignorant of the situation. But here's a great explanation of everything you need to know.

-- The Occupier whose Tweets were subpoenaed has been sentenced, after the Tweets apparently proved his guilt. 

-- [Chuck] While I may not always agree with Noam Chomksy (He was a linguist first, before he went into political stuff, and I dislike many of his theories), his politics are usually spot on. Here's what he believes we need now that the election is over.


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