Sunday, December 16, 2012

Updates 12/16/12

Hello everyone.

-- [Chuck] College is supposed to be a path to the future, but instead, it is a path to debt. Here's a college professor's take on the matter, and it's a rather interesting read.

-- [Chuck] Monsanto is at it again, sneaking into the court system and dismantling any protections from them by lobbying for falsely named bills. Here is a petition to stop the new bill that would allow Monsanto to continue to distribute GMO foods during legal appeals processes. 

-- In Bahrain, the King gave his annual national address and appealed for unity among the people. The pleasant thought didn't last long though, as protesters took to the streets soon after. Many were pushed back by tear gas shot by police, while youths blocked roads with burning tires. The protesters are calling for longer, larger marches next week.

-- The Pope recently gave the annual Peace Message, and now protesters are lashing out at the pontiff. In the speech, the Pope declared that gay unions and abortions were threats to peace. 

-- Holocaust survivors are standing up against the Jerusalem cabinet, after they have been refused reimbursements for medical costs that they were promised. The survivors are promised reimbursements for up to $1000 for medical costs, yet over 8,000 of them have not seen any money returned to them due to a hold on the finances. In the past year, 35 survivors have passed away while waiting for reimbursement.


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