Saturday, December 15, 2012

Updates 12/15/12

Hello everyone.

I know this is quite late, because I wasn't sure if I would post today. I'm going to post a few news stories, and then I'm going to talk for a minute.

-- [Chuck] Internet regulation by the UN doesn't look to be happening anytime soon. The UN Internet treaty has failed to pass.

-- [Chuck] The US government says they haven't made a decision about intervening in the issues with Syria, but the 17 warships parked off the Syrian coast say otherwise.


I had several contributors send me different information about the shooting yesterday in Newtown. What happened yesterday was an absolute tragedy. I received multiple emails concerning gun laws, with both regulation and deregulation as their points. Now, I can see both sides, and I understand their points. If the man wouldn't have had a gun yesterday, there would have been much less death. But the same can be said for if the teachers were armed. 

Even then, it's entirely impossible to say what would have happened either way. But the point is that right now, we shouldn't be saying any of it. Yes, it is important to open a dialogue about what could be done in the future to prevent such events from happening. But when you don't even have all the facts concerning what happened yet, are you really having an honest dialogue? I don't think so. I think that right now, we should be grieving. We should be taking the time to say how sad this was. Then, later, when we finally know everything about the tragedy, we can work on figuring out what steps to take to prevent this.

So no. Right now I won't post fake letters from children thought to be involved in the shooting. I won't post speculation. I won't post petitions for either side. Talk to me later, when we know what really occurred. 

Solidarity to all, sympathy to those who need it, and heartfelt thoughts to all those who are sad this holiday season, whatever the reason.


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